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The best possible sound. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the original sound of the recording; it’s all about music!

Listening to music or watching a movie is not the same for everyone. The reason why is because we process audio and video on a subconscious level. In other words, it's an emotional experience. When the content is produced in a natural way, true to the intentions of the composer or producer, you might just get goose bumps.




The Vitus SIA-030 Integrated Amplifier - Signature Series

The Class A SIA-030 is rated at a conservative 30 watts into eight ohms, pumping out a substantial 200 watts in Class AB mode with power doubling into four ohms. Line stage and phono stage offer a gain up to 12-18dB and 70dB respectively. On the SIA-030, the fully-regulated power supply unit that also runs the output stage is similar to what is used on the four-chassis Masterpiece MP-M201 mono-block amplifiers, while the volume control benefits from a new design found in the MP-L201 preamplifier, offering 0.5dB steps-on-step with zero influence on bandwidth.

“With carefully designed power transformers, comes great control. You will marvel at what 30 watts in pure Class A can do.

“There is no other product in its class like the SIA-030, offering superlative performance. This is all that you will ever need if you are minimising down to a single box with everything inside,” Vitus adds.

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The Vitus SIA-025 mkII Integrated Amplifier - Signature Series

The output stage is taken from the SM-10 monaural amplifier. By putting all our efforts into developing this true balanced integrated class A amplifier, we succeeded in making the new higher level of integration perform to the standards that any customer would expect from our Signature Series. Have you ever listened to one of our Signature Series products? You'll be thrilled! The SIA-025 adds more flexibility in terms of more inputs, the possibility of bi-amping should it be needed and a full bypass function for enabling compatibility with external surround processors. 



The Vitus RI-101 Integrated Amplifier - Refeence Series

Setting a new standard for sound quality at the price point. That goal was achieved with flying colors by our engineers. Now you can understand why we called our most accessible range the ‘Reference Series’. The first product of our Reference Series is an immediate game changer. Look at the impeccable build quality. Have every confidence in the musical abilities of the RI-101 Integrated Amplifier. The RI-101 is available with an optional Built-In DAC. Click the image for a pdf the product.