Vertere Acoustics Cables

Vertere's philosophy is simple and straightforward. It's based on the fact that any hi-fi system is only as good as its weakest link. In many years of research, Vertere has applied a methodical approach to analyze system performance. Since 2006, with the introduction of its original Hand-Built Pulse, Vertere has continued to demonstrate conclusively that for almost any system, the weakest link is the connecting cables.

Vertere Pulse HB Absolute Reference USB Cable

Based on Pulse-HB Technology the Hand-built USB utilizes a proprietary shielded data conductor pair and a shield wrapped power conductor which together are then overall shield braided and outer jacketed to produce this amazing USB cable.

Every Pulse Hand-built USB cable is meticulously tested and listened with against the original master reference cable to ensure the best performance from computer audio.

Pulse-HB USB Digital Cable is hand-crafted with unique proprietary construction. High Purity Copper Conductor. Designed for the future of the audio world



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