Trenner & Friedl - Be Sound

They build loudspeakers, not sculptures. For them, it is about Music. You must simply experience them yourself.

Reproducing music that raises goosebumps has been TRENNER & FRIEDL's passion for 20 years now. Only when everything fits together in harmony, is sound alive - becoming music. To achieve this, they use only the finest components, which we are tirelessly measuring and matching for perfect final results. They build by hand, with loving craft, in Austria, using local, natural materials wherever possible, while avoiding endangered hardwoods.

"It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing)", Duke Ellington.


Trenner & Freidl SUN Speakers

Sun does not interpret music, rather, he reproduces it: neutral, precise, and wonderfully coherent. With its coaxial construction, Sun is in the position to perfectly depict the room and space of the recorded event.

Placement also raises no problems: Sun can be placed near the back wall and even feels at home in a bookshelf. You can easily lift Sun with one hand, but don’t be fooled by its compact size, as it delivers serious musical weight.


Trenner & Freidl ART Speakers

it's someone you love to have around. It is attentive, subtle, has a story to tell. When it lets loose, it paints us stories in the most evocative colors. In things that we thought we knew well, it shows us completely new details.

It integrates itself into our lives, as if it had always been there. And even if it's deftly prancing character might not lead one to suspect it at first, ART has a huge heart, expressing genuinely deep feelings ...

In short: ART is probably the loudspeaker with the most potential to surprise you in our entire lineup you have never heard small so big.



Trenner & Freidl ORSIRIS Speakers

It seems that the term "musical machine" which Andreas used in A few simple words... perfectly describes these loudspeakers. Indeed it is so that when listening to Osiris one forgets about the mechanics behind music reproduction. I'm not talking about the "naturalness" of the sound, because whenever music registration is involved naturalness is arbitrary (whatever you've been told), but of such a form of music presentation, that makes it easy to "forget" that one sits in front of a pair of loudspeakers; listening to the music comes so easy with these speakers.

With its petite proportions, Osiris takes up just a limited space in a living room! Placed close to walls, it exudes an elegant and discreet look.

It will never dominate your room! But when music is playing... it will capture you in the blink of an eye! It will touch your heart with its huge soul, a precise, fast and organic sound, and can deliver a big WHAMM!!

Osiris hast it all!