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Technology & Emotion

At first glance, these two words might seem to have little in common. But actually, in our company at least, the two are fundamentally related. At TIDAL, the technology may be highly advanced but it is only a means to an end - a tool for the presentation of music, the communication of great art.
When you listen to one of our systems, you will never hear the underlying science. Were you to become aware of any contributing component, we would have failed in our grand ambition.

TIDAL technology works its magic behind the scenes, like the revered world-famous chef at a world-class restaurant. It operates as a discreet, undetectable conduit that conveys the message of the music whilst perfectly preserving its original sonic fingerprint. As with an exquisite wristwatch, the seamless interaction of three elements allows the creation of a TIDAL masterpiece: Consummate technology, the finest components and precision manufacturing.




The Voice That Is, located in the Philadelphia, PA area,
is the Premium Dealer for TIDAL Audio
in the United States.

We are within easy driving distance from New York,
Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland.

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When you examine the construction of all TIDAL products, you quickly realize that they are far from ordinary. We choose TIDAL products because accuracy alone does not touch the heart. A delicate balance between information & emotion must be struck for a perfect union.

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The TIDAL Audio Camira DMC (DAC)

The TIDAL Camira DMC Digital Music Converter uses TIDAL's proprietary Analog Signal Remediation Technology (ASRT). The TIDAL Camira of course handles all digital formats incl. dsd/dxd, high resolution formats.

So what is it what ASRT exactly do? It makes 44.1 KHz signal sounding like native high resolution formats. Maybe even close to vinyl. The TIDAL Camira remediates the "missing steps" from 44.1 KHz to create a way higher resolution quality. How it works exactly? Other than up-sampling, which works only for pure sine waves and delivers for music signals only random interpolated results (since it changes the signal because of the physical limitation of the interpolation calculation process itself), TIDAL's ASRT does not change the original signal at all and delivers the perfectly timed signal without any pre-ringing and post-ringing at all.

The overall result is the world's first, as they call it, Digital Music Converter. Of course friends, one would call our device a DAC, and for sure it is - but the result from it is so “not DAC” that they thought it is time for a new name.

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Jim Hannon, of The Absolute Sound, gave us his Best Sound (Cost No Object): Tie: Tidal Akira speakers with all Tidal electronics."Doug White and The Voice That Is always features systems in the top sonic ranks and RMAF was no exception." Read RMAF 2017 Show Report: Solid-state Electronics here.

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The New TIDAL Audio Arkas Streamer (COMING SOON!)

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