“DAS” in TechDAS stands for “Digital Analog Supremacy” reflecting the commitment to the finest audio technology. This philosophy has created TechDAS products such as the Air Force analog turntable line which has gained worldwide reputation for its sound quality, accumulated know-how, and the latest in electronics and precise engineering technology.


Air Force III Premium

The new premium model comprises improvements that result in further refining the sound, based on the compact Air Force III

Building on the success of a hugely popular model – the Air Force III, a turntable which has a compact sized chassis yet delivers very high performance and flexibility of installation. The new Air Force III Premium has integrated further new concepts for an even higher quality while retaining the same compact size.

The Air Force III Premium consists of two units: the Main Unit (including outboard motor) and the Pump / Power Supply / Air Condenser Unit. 


New Product: Air Force V Premium

The TechDAS team is very pleased to present the new Air Force V Premium. The original Air Force V was our most affordable model that preserved the “Air Force” technologies, and a breakthrough in affordable high end turntable performance. TechDAS have pushed back the boundaries of turntable design again with further refinements and development, resulting in ever greater performance with the new Air Force V Premium.

Key features include: Compact size, affordably priced and designed to the highest standards. Significantly improved chassis precision machined from solid aluminum. Reduced motor vibration. Air bearing that mechanically isolates the platter and record from any vibration. Vacuum hold down of an LP onto the platter.