Taiko Audio


Taiko Audio is all about innovation. They use cutting edge technology to develop components that are not available off the shelf and that create the ultimate sound experience: a representation of sound that is so realistic, it feels like listening to a live performance.



"The Taiko Audio SGM Extreme is a State of the Art Music Server designed to deliver the most realistic sounding / live reproduction from stored music files and streaming music from Qobuz and Tidal."

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The Taiko Audio SGM Extreme

Emerging from many years of relentless researching, comparing and listening, the SGM Extreme is the culmination of what is possible in the field of music servers.

It combines many technology breakthroughs completely unseen before in the world of digital High End Audio. Only the best components from the most respected vendors are sourced for it, many of which are custom designed from the ground up.

During the lengthy design process, no stone has been left unturned, giving equal attention to resonance control, prevention of electric pollution, reliability and user friendliness. Due to its flexible and modular architecture, you can expect a very long life expectancy with both hard- and software updates, giving you the confidence of a future proof investment in the best digital source for years to come.





The Taiko Audio USB Card

The brand new Taiko Audio USB card. This is already the 3rd iteration of the design and the summation of nearly three years of meticulous research and design, end-to-end engineering, and painstaking testing that the Taiko Audio team is known for.

The new Taiko USB card was designed from the ground up to enhance the already impressive and award-winning performance of the Taiko Audio SGM Extreme server, which has captured the hearts of not only digital aficionados, but also many analog connoisseurs who never thought of crossing over to digital realms or taking it that seriously.

The card is only available through the dealer selling the Extreme.