PranaWire Cables

Breathing Life into Music

Every PranaWire product has been engineered to produce the highest degree of signal integrity with the lowest possible noise. Careful attention has been given to every aspect of the cable's design and construction. Cable geometries were designed to maximize EMI and RFI rejection. Materials were selected that provide the greatest conduction, propagation velocity and stability. Shielding configurations and their terminations were invented to further reduce the influence of noise, and hundreds of hours were spent listening, improving and listening again.

PranaWire Photon USB

With the Photon USB cable PranWire has applied principles
from their other highly successful designs, capturing and immobilizing self-generated and parasitic noise, shielding against the influences of ambient and radiated noise and treating for the ill effects of vibration. This results in the presentation of highly dense, relaxed and natural sounding information that is extremely musical, deeply satisfying and that reveals the original
recording with utmost precision and fidelity. Pure Silver Signal Conductors, Multi-layered, quad-shield construction for maximum shielding and noise absorption combines to create performance that displays the following characteristics:
Ultimate clarity, transparency and speed
Highest density of timbral, spacial and ambient information
Relaxed natural sound


PranaWire LineBacker XE

The Linebacker XE In-Line Power Filter offers unprecidented reduction of noise. Astonishing clarity - a recording engineer's dream. It is impossible to know the extent to which signal is masked by power line noise until it is utterly obliterated.

The Linebacker XE allows the listener to hear more clearly than ever before possible not only the attack, sustain, decay and full timbral expression of each individual instrument, but the space that each instrument was recorded in, even in very dense recordings.