Clean Balanced Power = Better Sound

You have invested in excellent equipment but are you getting the most out of it? If you haven't considered your power, you're missing better performance.

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Computer Audio Design (CAD) Ground Controls

The amount of high frequency noise on our Mains power has increased dramatically due to the use of computers, routers, modems, wifi, switch mode power supplies, etc. The high frequency noise that is generated within our audio systems has also increased: DACs, Servers, Computers, NAS drives, Routers, WiFi, etc. are all connected directly to our audio systems.

Computer Audio Design believes that one of the key reasons so many digital audio products “sound digital” is due to this high frequency noise. From the very beginning of CAD we have worked hard to reduce unwanted noise in all our products.

Most audio engineers put a lot of effort into making sure the positive and negative rails of their DC power supplies have low ripple and noise, adequate bandwidth, etc. but typically not much thought is put into the signal ground plane. CAD believes that reducing high frequency noise on Signal Ground and Earth improves sound quality.

The CAD GC1, GC3 & GC-R Ground Controls can be connected to any audio product that has an unused output or input connection.

“Now that I’ve lived with the CAD [Ground Controls] for another couple of months, I can render my verdict : I can’t live without it. After listening for weeks, I pulled it out of my system, listened for a few minutes, put it all back immediately, then wrote a check” - Michael Fremer, Analog Corner, Stereophile September 2020

(See Michael Fremer's report here)

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CAD Ground Control Manual can been seen by clicking the CAD page image on the right. For more info, or to schedule a demo click the eyes.

Equi=Tech - Balanced Power - 5RQ Our Reference!

Anyone who believes that power quality isn't an important factor in recreating exciting, realistic, and accurate sound is seriously mistaken. If you haven't heard your sound system with a Model Q powering it, you are missing something truly great. You might just find yourself replaying all of your old music again and again; it's as if hearing it for the first time with a new appreciation for detail, clarity, and remarkable bass definition. Source components and amplifiers benefit equally the Model Q's power. It also brings out the best in high definition audio/video components The Model Q is simply the most highly-refined, accurate, and effective power source on the planet. You owe it to yourself to see and hear why Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sony Records, JPL/NASA, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and most every professional A/V production company has chosen Model Q technology for their sensitive components.

The Equi=Tech 5RQ and 2RQ are our reference choices. They should be yours too!


Equi=Tech - Balanced Power - 2RQ Our Reference!

The Model Q is Equi=Tech’s flagship product. It is the result of many years of experience and application research in the field of balanced AC power. It is the highest quality and the best performing balanced power system they have ever offered.

Ruggedness, reliability and the most refined balanced power technology on Earth is why we choose Equi=Tech. The impact that this improved power stability and cleaner ground have on the performance of sensitive electronics is astonishing.

You might just find yourself replaying all of your old music again and again as if hearing it for the first time with a new appreciation for detail, clarity and remarkable bass definition that you have never experienced before.

The Equi=Tech 5RQ and 2RQ are our reference choices. They should be yours too!



Equi=Tech 5WQ and 10WQ Wall Systems

Award winning Equi=Tech Wall Cabinet Systems are factory preassembled power distribution centers for hard wiring balanced AC power into a facility - a complete balanced power distribution system built into a wall cabinet. Only minimal installation is required eliminating many expensive materials and components.

Wall systems are designed to blanket an entire facility with clean and phase coherent balanced AC power that remains stable regardless of how they are loaded down. All Equi=Tech Wall Cabinet Systems are built around revolutionary Equi=Tech Q-type isolation transformers.

Their performance is exceptional where low frequency sonic quality, they will restore the tightest bass with astonishing never-before-heard clarity and they will do it with ease.



Acoustic Revive RTP Absolute Series Power Supply Boxes

Machined from a single block of 2017 Duralumin! RTP-2, 4 and 6 ultimate boxes are made from 2017 Duralumin, which has the best vibration damping characteristic and sound quality.

A machined structure has far better vibration damping characteristics, sound quality and overall lower distortion when compared with metal sheets bolted together to form a box. The box's maximum thickness is 25mm, making it able to be very highly effectively in shielding the inner structural elements, and yielding a very high S/N ratio.

The inlet wiring connection is non-solder. ACOUSTIC REVIVE avoids solder connections when possible because it destroys signal transmission.



Oyaide R1 Receptacle ; R0 Receptacle

The importance of high quality power supply connections is now widely accepted. Many enthusiasts install dedicated power lines for their hi fi systems and no longer question the importance of the quality of the receptacle fitted to the wall. Conventional "hospital grade" connectors can improve the strength of the mechanical connection, but they are far from ideal for realizing the best sound quality.

Their objective was to develop receptacles whose sole purpose was to deliver the highest sound quality possible. Every part has been designed with this in mind. Extensive research into the effects of plating methods has yielded three equally valid but different types of sound for you to choose from. The entire series is non-magnetic to avoid any disturbance from magnetic fields.


Oyaide R1 Receptacle

Oyaide MTP-4 and MTB-6 Power distribution strips

The MTB-4 and MTB-6 power distributors are so simply assembled and has so few parts that Oyaide closely examined the qualities of each component in detail, even carefully determining the appropriate processing temperature of the internal wiring. By applying years of technical experience and know-how about power supply, they were able to create a product of exquisite quality.

The chassis is made of 2.0mm thick brass board which is highly rigid and has excellent vibration damping property. For Its surface treatment, a combination of nickel and chrome plating is applied to control the hardness of the body. Coupled with the shielding effect of brass, nickel plating reduces exogenous noise in wide frequency range. It's employed with 2.0mm 4N silver wire for its internal wiring connection; SS-47 audio grade solder; brass spikes; electromagnetic wave absorber at IEC inlet part and the inlet contacts are made of brass.

We prefer them with the R-0 duplexes Beryllium Copper, Oyaide IEC inlet - Custom Ordered .




Furutech GTX-D NCF (R) Receptacle

Furutech’s Top-Tier GTX-D NCF Receptacles... Refinement has a New Name

Nano Crystal Formula (NCF) - Nano Crystalline, Ceramic and Carbon Powder
Incorporated into select Furutech products, Nano Crystal Formula --- NCF is comprised of a special crystalline material that has two “active” properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static and secondly, it converts thermal energy into far-infrared. Furutech then combines this remarkable crystalline material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional “Piezo Effect” damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material only found in Furutech products!