Ideon Audio

Designed and Handcrafted in Greece, Ideon Audio is a boutique audio systems manufacturer of extreme performance digital sound equipment.

The sonic goal: to offer products which reveal the music hidden within the digital data, in other words, transport us to the recorded musical event: fully extended frequency range, real-life dynamics, clarity, and detail.

To achieve these results, all our products are in-house, proprietary designs, built without use of off-the-shelf modules.

We revel in the sound of music. We believe the act of listening to music should be a transcendent experience.

Ideon Audio gives customers a 7 year warranty - 2 years standard and, once registered, the product gets an additional 5 years at no extra cost.

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Ideon Audio Absolute DAC

The Ideon Audio Absolute DAC: probably the best sounding such device in the world today.

An Absolute revelation: connecting the listener with the musical event

The Absolute encapsulates what is the state of the art in digital conversion, re-clocking, signal regeneration, internal and noise elimination, linear & non-linear distortion elimination, modular board isolation, and extreme components quality not often available elsewhere. The Absolute DAC transports you to the musical event itself

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Ideon Audio Absolute Time

The Ideon Audio Absolute Time: the ultimate USB and SPDIF re-clocking, reviving platform.

The Ideon Audio Absolute Time was conceived, designed, and manufactured as an ultra hi-end audiophile device, re-clocking, re-energizing, and re-driving the digital signal with correction at both the input and output stages. It improves the digital signal quality to what is currently an absolute level.

The Absolute Time is probably the highest performing device of its kind, today. The sonic result is unparalleled clarity and detail in reproduced sound. It is an essential signal reviver (re-clocks and reconstitutes) and purifier enabling the absolute Suite to reach its superlative sonic performance.



Ideon Audio Absolute Stream

The Ideon Audio Absolute Stream: the most innovative streamer/music rendering engine in the world today.

The Absolute Stream is an audiophile music server/streamer which renders music files.

It is a high-performance device which will play all your musical libraries whether they are on an external hard-disk or NAS. Just as importantly, the absolute Stream will play audio from internet sources, i.e. radio and web services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, etc.


Ideon Audio Ayaszi mk2 DAC

The Affordable Reference

The Ayazi mk2 DAC is designed and fine-tuned specifically to reveal the musical magic encoded in the numbers, that are stored within the digital medium. Sound reproduction with exceptionally broad dynamic range, ultra-low distortion and low noise, accurate sound stage, and musical congruity.

We tested the circuit in many different high-end systems and set-ups as it is intended to be the jack of all trades for digital-to-analogue conversion, to be used anytime, anywhere.