Ictra Design / Passion is their motive.


To Ictra Design, perfection means combining the advantages of an absolutely stringent product philosophy with a maximum of know how, experience and competence. Paired with uncompromising enthusiasm, they are now taking the significant step forward.

Many traditional audio stands that perform at the highest level are either too bulky, too tall, or too masculine for a certain decor. The Ictra design product line gives Interior Designers everything they could need to provide their clients with the desired technical performance in a stand that is beautiful to look at.

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The Proto AS Stand - Experience the essence of music.

The new PROTO AS now goes the decisive step further. And combines the structurally superior genes of the proven PROTO with the generous footprint of the incomparable HIGH END KEO rack. This means that even large AUDIO components can be placed at any time (680 x 630 mm) on the bamboo composite panel elements veneered with precious wood as well as on the integrated and numerically optimized shelf supports.

Exquisite materials. Perfectly finished masterpieces. Craftsmanship meets pure passion. With the new PROTO AS the perfect combination of acoustic balance and creative harmony has been created.

With a focus on the essentials. An aesthetic and highly emotional presentation of the musical experience.

Dimensions: 34.25" H x 26.75" W x 24.8" D
Shelf Capacity: 165 lbs. / 75 kg



Proto AS Dimensions

Ictra Proto AS Stand

The Proto Stand - Perfection down to finest detail.

Research and development over many years in the field of materials engineering has irrevocably moved the limits for the manufacture of audiophile racks. Complete mechanical decoupling of individual mass oscillators and avoidance of mutual interaction as a principle are the results of a construction concept that is second to none. The optimum is their only benchmark.

The philosophy from PROTO is conceivably easy. Complete decoupling via the sub chassis construction whilst simultaneously realizing maximum component and functional integration.

After an optimization process over several years this audio furniture has now developed to become one of the most preferred pieces of equipment and visual objects of renowned HIGH-END manufacturers.

Admittedly realization is complex. The numerical, optimized, one-piece steel frame construction of the base element, the height-adjustable shelf-supports with adaptable three-point support and the bamboo composite plate elements with their precious wood veneer, form the overall concept of HIGH-END audio rack with incomparable features. Perfect workmanship is a granted.

Dimensions: 22,24" H x 19.68" W x 21.65" D
Shelf Capacity: 110 lbs. / 50 kg



Proto Dimensions

Ictra Proto Stand

The KEO Stand - Unrivaled in every dimension.

KEO is amplifying feasible limits. All-round accessibility, extreme load-bearing capacity of up to 125 kg per shelf combined with all of PROTO’s proven construction features.

Every shelf adjusts itself automatically in two points on a gyratory freely rotating seesaw and forms two further bearing points: stable equilibrium at all times. As a result KEO realizes a level of stability in the utility space that was unattainable until now.

Large and heavy high-end components can be decoupled perfectly via the numerically optimized sub chassis construction - perfected through a long series of trials. KEO’s workmanship is like PROTO’s, without a doubt second to none.

Dimensions: 34.25" H x 39.37" W x 32.28" D
Shelf Capacity: 281 lbs. / 127.5 kg


Keo Dimensions

Ictra Keo Stand


Proto & Proto AS Amplifier Stands

Built to the same exacting standards as the Proto stands and designed to support your amplifier in ultimate style.

Proto Amp Stand
Dimensions: 6.69" H x 19.68" W x 21.65" D
Shelf Capacity: 220 lbs. / 100 kg

Proto AS Amp Stand
Dimensions: 6.69" H x 26.77" W x 26.57" D
Shelf Capacity: 330 lbs. / 150 kg