Epiphany Stand Systems

Epiphany: “a moment of sudden revelation or insight.”

Design Philosophy - The Epiphany Stand Systems were derived from years of studying the characteristics and demands of high-end audio equipment. Lengthy listening tests and many prototypes have resulted in a product that is unique in approach to support and sonic control.

Simplistic in design and superbly hand constructed, Epiphany Stand Systems are strong yet flexible in it’s capabilities. These systems offer versatility in the mounting of your audio gear. Each rack is uniquely designed to improve the music resolving abilities of the equipment that rests on it.

All Epiphany Stand Systems are hand built with Premium Rock Maple wood, have adjustable cone feet, and are available in Natural, Merlot, and Black standard finishes. Brazilian Slate top platforms are optional.

Epiphany Celeste Reference Stand

With four fixed shelves this unit serves as a universal rack system capable of serving the needs of all equipment deserving its strengths. A full top shelf can be positioned in the bottom location if desired.

Unit shown here with Brazilian Slate top shelf and rails with solid Maple bottom shelf.

Dimensions: 36" H x 23.5" D x 25" W. Actual size of the shelf is 17.5" W by 19.25" D.


Our system offers a differential two-rail isolation scheme for minimizing the effects of airborne sound waves and heat buildup that interfere with the performance of your system. While completely adjustable for standard foot positions on any piece of audio gear. Designed to have a neutral affect on the sound, no additional isolation devices are needed to reap the benefits of its design. The system does allow for you to try your favorite tweak if you desire.


Epiphany Stand Systems have a clean classic look that will work in a wide variety of home environments.

The Epiphany Stand Systems allow for maximized cooling for any piece of equipment. Tube electronics are supported without the trapped heat concerns that traditional shelved stands create.  Additionally, the Epiphany Stand Systems offer tremendous value with no additional devices required to provide further isolation or support.

The Epiphany Stand Systems allows the user to comprehensively evaluate the characteristics of any equipment it’s used with. Simply said, they have no sonic signature of their own making it the perfect tool to maximize the performance of your audio gear.

All isolation properties and design philosophies are maintained in all Epiphany Stand Systems.

Epiphany Epiphany Epiphany 2W Stand

Epiphany 2W Stand

The 2W is identical in design with smaller dimensions that are 29" high by 25" deep by 46.5" long. Each opening is 10" high by 20" deep by 20" wide. Actual size of the two top platforms is 20" wide by 20" deep.

Rock Maple platform and rails are standard. Black Anodized adjustable cones are standard.

1" Brazilian Slate is the standard option for platform and rails.

Epiphany 2W Stand

Epiphany Erin Turntable Stand

Similar in design to the Celeste, this Three shelf turntable stand features a 1.25" top platform made of Brazilian Slate (standard). This high performance stand supports many ultimate analog systems with grace and ease.

The two solid Rock Maple middle shelves are fixed to support the power supply or vacuum pump.

Dimensions: 36" H . Actual size of the platform is 23" W by 20" D.

Granite top platform optional.


This product is in development.

Epiphany Jakai Amp Platform

The Jakai Amp Platform is a low profile stand designed to deliver the strength and power behind the system capable of supporting the weight of the mono block amplifiers of today. Designed to impart no sound of it's own, the Jakai amp platform maintains a neutral sonic affect on the equipment that rests on it.

The platform is available in two sizes and features three adjustable SoundCare feet

Dimensions are : 3" H x 24" W x 22" D. Actual size of the platform is 17.5" W x 19.25" D x 1".

Dimensions are : 3" H x 24" W x 25.75" D. Actual size of the platform is 17.5" W x 23" D x 1.25".

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Epiphany Jakai Amp Platform

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Epiphany Zamir Stand

A functional two-shelf unit that serves as a compact stand for components.

This stand’s purpose is to provide a floor standing support capable of supporting the weight of two mono block amplifiers of today's designs while maintaining a neutral tonal balance all Epiphany stands possess.

Opening is 11" high by 20" deep by 20" wide.


This product is in development.