Reference Level Analog Cartridges


What an exciting time it is for analog playback! At a time when people thought it would be long-since dead, LP playback, like the legendary Phoenix, rises far above the digital domain. This is truly its golden age. LP playback technology has never been more vital.

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XQUISITE ST - Our Reference Cartridge

All Xquisite cartridges take advantage of the patented monobloc-ceramic transducer technology, which ensures supreme detail resolution and at the same time extremely natural sound.

The ST (Silver/Titanium) model features a pure silver coil which has been carefully matched with an advanced titanium-aluminium-wood sandwich-body to achieve most delightful sound characteristics.

Pure Silver 4N; Monobloc ceramic unit, patented design;

Titanium-aluminium-wood body

Each Xquisite cartridge is handmade piece by piece and calibrated by Micha Huber personally. Get the DATASHEET HERE



The CA (Copper/Aluminium) model features a pure copper coil which has been carefully matched with an advanced aluminium-wood sandwich-body to achieve most involving sound characteristics. 

Pure copper 4N; Monobloc ceramic unit, patented design;

Aluminium-wood body

Each Xquisite cartridge is handmade piece by piece and calibrated by Micha Huber personally.


Air Tight Opus 1

Air Tight Opus-1 Ermitage cartridge, released in honor of Air Tight’s thirtieth anniversary. And, folks, it is just as much of a winner as its two distinguished predecessors - and certainly the best Air Tight yet.

"the Opus-1 reproduces changes in intensity, large and small, as a continuum, making the presentation that much more realistic and easy to listen to."

~ Jonathan Valin - TAS

Air Tight PC-1 Supreme

"As good as the AT PC-1 is, this new, considerably pricier moving-coil cartridge from Air Tight PC-1 Supreme Cartridge is substantially better. Like the PC-1, the Air Tight PC-1 Supreme Cartridge is a model of low internal impedance and high energy. Killer good on transients top to bottom, with phenomenal grip and definition in the low bass, it is also exceptionally lifelike in the midband, with even more of the gorgeous density of tone color, high resolution, and superior soundstaging that made the Air Tight PC-1 Supreme one of JV's (Jonathan Valin) mc references. A top contender for best Moving Coil." - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Issue 185

Air Tight PC-1 Coda

"PC-1 coda, a new MC Cartridge pouring technologies and knowledges from their years of designing cartridges. It features a finetuned suspension mechanism from raw material for firm and high resolution sound images in atmosphere. As the same to PC-1/PC-1s, "Boron" an alloy with good physical characteristics has been used for Cantilever material. Hear sharper and speedy lows and clearer sound stage compared with its predisessor PC-1/PC-1s.

EMT JSD P6.0 - The Best Ever EMT Cartridge

For 75 years, EMT designs, builds and markets a range of audio products for Broadcast professionals and for already 10 years also a collection of State of the Art audio products for the serious music lover.

The JSD series was not only developed and optimized in the laboratory but mainly in practice, partly with the assistance of committed test listeners who used their own records and partly by using legendary old record players and also the most modern ones, as well as multitude tone arms during extensive listening and comparative tests. Great importance was given to maintaining the typical characteristics of EMT, stressing in particular the know how which is based on the large experience of our specialists. Special attention as also been given to the consistent use of non exotic materials.

JSD P6.0 Cartridge - Multi Facet Diamond on white sapphire cantilever


EMT JSD P6.0 cartridge

Acoustical Systems Palladian

The Palladian is an advanced development of the Aiwon, in which Dietrich Brakemeier was primarily concerned with getting a good bit closer to the live impression of music - or, in a more prosaic way of speaking, to further improve the cartridge's dynamic capabilities and instantaneous immediacy.

The Palladian shows that one does not have to reinvent the wheel to play in the top league. Dietrich Brakemeier's long-standing analogue experience has allowed him to design a cartridge that works at the highest level and, in its thrilling immediacy, comes impressively close to the live experience.

Read the Positive Feedback review:

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Acoustical Systems Archon

the archon provides a sonic picture which is live-like and tantalizing in its openness, vital detailed and rich in its harmonic structure. A very natural, colorful sound - with an outstanding reproduction of human voices and the most realistic timbre. Opening a soundstage which is wide and recreating excellent the recording venue - with organic placement and wide inner dynamics.

the archon is a very-easy-to-mate-with partner for all modern tonearms and an easy match for phono stages. It is an individual numbered limited edition low-output moving coil cartridge assembled and fine-tuned by hand and designed in Bavaria / Germany.





Transfiguration Proteus Diamond

It’s precisely this quest that led Yoshioka to develop a limited edition of Transfiguration’s flagship Proteus cartridge: the new Proteus D. D’ is for the diamond cantilever, which explains why this is a limited edition. “The production of a diamond cantilever is a unique challenge,” explains Yoshioka. “Of course it’s expensive, but more than that, to craft it requires an extremely highly skilled technician.” In most other respects, the design and specifications of the ‘D’ largely match those of the ‘standard’ Proteus.