Antipodes Audio Limited

Their primary emphasis is on continuing to redefine the state of the art in sound quality in high-end computer-based audio. Feature set will always be secondary to sound quality, but by adopting open systems standards, we don't lock our customers into proprietary interfaces, and we can keep bringing them a range of the best available software options, with a simple and intuitive admin interface for setup and configuration.


The Antipodes DX Generation 3 Server

The Antipodes DX Gen3 is our flagship model, integrating autoripper, server & renderer functions. The DX provides the ultimate in digital audio sound quality, together with simplicity and ease of use. Key to the increased performance of the DX Gen3 is the new V4X circuit developed exclusively for the Antipodes DX.

Every stage of an Antipodes digital source is designed to minimise electronic noise, and then the whole is fine-tuned to avoid noise nodes (when two noise sources generate a noise peak at the same frequency). Antipodes expertise in this field is what makes our products sound better. Our unique approach means we can avoid the noise filters used in other products. A perfect square wave needs infinite bandwidth, and noise filters inherently limit bandwidth, impairing impulse response, and thereby damaging the fidelity of the digital signal. This is particularly important for high resolution files that require even wider bandwidth. The result is not just digital without the nasties, but music that captures both the life and the subtle expression in music.

The DX is the ultimate expression of Antipodes' expertise with this method, due to the premium parts and execution throughout the DX design, all solid state storage and dedicated Level 2 ODAPS linear power supplies for each stage, enhanced by the inert nature of its all thick alloy panel construction.

By providing your DAC with an unfiltered, high bandwidth, ultra-low-noise, precision-clocked digital signal, your DAC can perform to its full potential. With almost any DAC you will experience sound that is organic and tonally rich with natural timbres, and yet with no lack of resolution, speed and dynamics. It turns out that the source is critical in computer audio too.


The Antipodes CX Music Server

The CX is a breakthrough product providing high computing power without compromising sound quality.

High computer clock speeds interfere with digital audio signals and this causes harsh sound, even when using a separate renderer.

But this problem is solved in the Antipodes CX, due to Antipodes expertise in computer chip tuning, and using a full desktop i5, with four real cores, running at a low clock speed.

This approach provides sufficient power to easily navigate a very large Roon library, and to transcode your redbook files on-the-fly to DSD512.



The Antipodes EX Music Server

The EX is our entry level product but is designed without any audio performance compromise. The EX also has a built-in good sounding analog output, avoiding the need to buy a DAC if you are coming to computer audio for the first time. You can upgrade by adding a high quality DAC and the EX will reveal its amazing potential. Or you can upgrade further by adding the CX, P1 or P2.

The EX has less processing power than our CX, but there are only a few Roon DSP features that are too demanding. For example you can easily play PCM files to up to 32bit/768kbps, and DSD to DSD512 with the EX. Upsampling to high 32bit/768kbps PCM on-the-fly is also well within its capabilities. Only high intensity computations like transcoding/upsampling to DSD256 and DSD512 on-the-fly are beyond its power limits.



The Antipodes CX+EX Combo

Whether you start with an EX or a CX, there is a natural upgrade path to progressively add the other units, with each increment offering high value for money improvements, and with no need to trade anything in to progress to the absolute ultimate solution over time.

Affordability and flexibility are addressed further with the ability for customers to connect an inexpensive USB optical drive to an EX or CX for auto-ripping, and for customers to buy their own storage disks and simply slide them into the rear of the EX or CX. If you already have a Roon Ready DAC or a DAC or Renderer with a high quality Ethernet input, you can play to it using Direct Ethernet from your EX or CX.

The Antipodes P1 Platform

- Solid Alloy Block For Vibration Isolation of a CX or EX - High Precision Auto-Ripper
- User Replaceable Drive

The Antipodes P2 Platform

- Solid Alloy Block For Vibration Isolation of a CX or EX
- Re-clocked & Expanded Output Options
- User Installable/Upgradable Electronics
- Remote control by Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone