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Our next event is being planned for Fall 2022.

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July 2022

The TIDAL Ferios receives the Golden Ear Award for Andy Quint at The Absolute Sound. We are proud to received this award for the second time.


June 2022

Read the great writeup about Marc Phillip's expereinces in Munich. See: about TIDAL Audio's plans here and about Ictra Design here.

We are happy to announce the addition of Van Den Hul and the Grail SE to our portfolio. The Grail SE represents one of the finest phonostages in the world.

Look for the upcoming review of the Ictra Design Rack in Parttimeaudiophile.

May 2022

We are happy to announce the new Ideon Ion Dac and Dac-Pre. The Ideon Audio ION DAC, with optional analog preamplifier utilizing trickle-down technologies and R&D gained, from Ideon's extensive work with their flagship Absolute Epsilon DAC.

TVTI goes to Munich for the High End Show. See the details here.


April 2022

We are happy to announce the addition of Metronome to our portfolio. The AQWO SACD Transport/DAC is on display. AQWO is the latest generation of DAC + SACD / CD hybrid from Metronome. Of course all Metronome products are available to order.

We will be working the rooms at Axpona 2022 supporting the manufacturers we represent. Call our number and let's connect.

March 2022

We are happy to announce that the Vinnie Rossi Brama Integrated is here and sounding fabulous!

Also we have the TechDAS Air Force III Premium spinning with class.

February 2022

We'd like to welcome Symbol Audio to our portfolio of fine products. Their LP and Audio racks are furniture grade to compliment your living spaces. Keep and eye out for their dedicated page on our site coming soon.


January 2022

The first review of the TIDAL Audio Intra amplifier has been published by Dave McNair gave it his Reviewer's Choice. "I had flipped over the sound in Doug White’s room at CAF, before I knew anything about the amp." Read the review here.

Read the Ideon Absolute Epsilon DAC review here!

Zesto announces the new Bia 200 Select amplifier see it here.

December 2021

TIDAL Audio announces Doug White as US Brand Ambassador.

Official TIDAL Intra Amplifier Press Release can be seen here:


November 2021

Capital Audio Fest 2021 was held November 5th - 7th, 2021 in Rockville, Maryland and it was a better than expected turnout.

Featured products were from TIDAL Audio (Contriva, Prisma and Intra), Ideon Audio (Absolute Epsilon DAC, Stream and Time), Siltech (Classic 880 Series cables) and more. The sound was considered by many to be one of best, if not the best, at the show.

See these reports:

October 2021

We welcome TechDAS to our portfolio. The Air Force V Premium with the Graham Phantom Elite Tonearm is available to audition.

September 2021

We welcome Siltech Cables to our portfolio. The Classic Legend 880 series is available to audition.


August 2021

Critical Mass Systems announces CenterStage2M footers. Every aspect of audio performance is improved in each of these models - attack, bloom, decay, pace, rhythm, timing, timbre, low frequency extension, mid-range emotion, high frequency expression, soundstage width, depth, height, forward extension, imaging, layering, blackness, low level ambiance - every important aspect of realism is improved.

July 2021

TIDAL Audio has done it again! The new Arkas Streamer from TIDAL Audio is here. Connected via TIDAL Link to the Camira, there's a newfound way to listen further into the music. It is amazing!

The complete Absolute Digital Stack from Ideon Audio is here. The stack consists of the new Absolute Epsilon DAC, Absolute Stream Server and Absolute Time Reclocker. Fabulous!

June 2021

We welcome Computer Audio Design to our portfolio of power solutions. Their GC1 and GC3 grounding devices transform the system and are here to experience.

We also welcome Siltech Cables to our portfolio of ultimate products. Their over 3 decades of experience in metallurgy brings a sonic signature preferred by many. We expect to do demos when our cables arrive in a couple months.

Parttimeaudiophile reviewed the Grimm MU1. Read the story here:

May 2021

Available for sale is the rare Koetsu Urushi Vermilian Cartridge. One brand new piece ready to ship.

Available for audition is the Innuos PhoenixNET Switch. This device made a huge difference in streaming systems when it was introduced.

Coming very soon is the new Arkas Streamer from TIDAL Audio and the complete Absolute Digital Stack from Ideon Audio.

April 2021

Excited to announce that our partner Bricasti Design added the awesome M3 Digital to Analog Converter to the Roon Ready line of products! For more details:

Available are the AirTight PC-1 coda and Hifi-Fiction Xquisite ST cartridge - both are Stereophile Class A ranked.

See the very nice review of the Vertere Phono-1 phonostage and Mystic Cartridge in

March 2021

Here's an excellent review by Dave McNair of the Vertere MG-1 turntable in "I can say now that the Vertere Acoustics MG-1 turntable and SG-1 tonearm were a complete joy to use for playing records." Check out the review here.

Vertere Magic-Groove Turntable

January 2021

Bugatti and TIDAL Audio are united in a shared philosophy: to strive for perfection without limits in order to perform with exceptional design, effort and uncompromising spirit. the two companies, leading in their respective fields of exclusive luxury automotive design and premium audio systems, will set a new standard for home music systems - introducing 'the Bugatti of home audio’. the two companies will work to establish a new category of sound systems, underpinned by unrivaled exclusivity and high quality like no other.

TIDAL for Bugatti. See the video here and the complete details by clicking the image to the right.


December 2020

See our ultimate vinyl playback promotional video here:

See our TIDAL Piano, Contriva and Akira speakers promotional video here:

See our TIDAL Prisma Preamp promotional video here:

See our TIDAL Ferios Monobloc amplifiers promotional video here:.

Read a great review of the Ideon Absolute DAC here.

We'd like to welcome Koetsu Cartridges to our line of elite products. We have the Onyx Platinum for audition. See all of our offerings here:

The Vimberg Amea speaker receives the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD from



November 2020

See our TIDAL Camira DMC DAC promotional video here:

See our Equitech 2RQ and 5RQ Balance Power Conditioner promotional video here:

The Taiko SGM Extreme music server is available to audition.

The TIDAL Assoluta amplifiers is available to audition.

See our new featured product promotional video here:

We'd like to welcome Ideon Audio to our line of elite products. The Absolute DAC is here.

The Vimberg Amea received the Editor's Choice award from Parttimeaudiophile. Read the review here.


October 2020

The TIDAL Assoluta amplifiers will be available to audition.

We'd like to welcome Taiko Audio to our line of elite products. The Extreme Server will be here soon.


September 2020

Our Limited Edition pair of 20th Anniversary TIDAL Contriva speaker in the rare Macassar Veneer has arrived.

We've installed the Equitech 5RQ on our reference system which took it to an all new level of performance.

The REL S/812 line array (a.k.a. 6-pack) is here. Stacked subs??? Why you say? You have to experience it to understand.

The Bricasti MDX upgrade for all Bricasti DACs is available and has proven to be sonically worthwhile. At only $1000 cost, you should call us and make arrangements to get your upgrade.

The Zesto ESP Supply Upgrade for the Andros 1.2, Deluxe Phonostage and the Leto Preamp is now available. At only $1200 cost, plus shipping, you should call us for details and make arrangements to get your unit upgraded to the latest. See this link for details.

We are anxiously awaiting the Acoustical Systems Palladian cartridge to review. Stay tuned!

August 2020

The TIDAL Prisma preamp has been given the Summit Award from Scot Hull of Parttimeaudiophile. Read the details at the bottom of the review by Dave McNair here.

Our Dohmann Helix Two Mk2 turntable has arrived and is signing wonderfully.



July 2020

The TIDAL Prisma preamp has been given the Editor's Choice award from Parttimeaudiophile. Read the great review of the TIDAL Prisma preamp by Dave McNair here.

The new Stereophile Class A ranked Grimm Audio MU1 server is here! Check it out here.

The Vimberg Amea speaker is here. Small in size but mighty in performance.

TIDAL Prisma Preamp

June 2020

Check out the latest issue of The Absolute Sound #306 where you can read Robert Harley's in-depth review of his experience with the Prisma preamp and Ferios amplifiers from TIDAL Audio. Robert Harley also takes a serious look at what it means to run a balanced cartridge as result of his experience with the Prisma. This is a must read issue. The link to the review online can be found here! There's also a Q&A about Doug White on the last page of the magazine (or you can read it here).

The Thales Statement tonearm is truly amazing. Coupled with the new X-Quisite ST cartridge and you have an unbeatable combination with spectacular performance. Contact us for more details.


April 2020

We'd like to welcome Dohmann Audio to our portfolio. Often chosen by discerning audiophiles around the world as their reference analogue system that simply allows the music to flow. We hope to receive our demo unit soon.


March 2020

We'd like to welcome Artnovion to our portfolio. These attractive and highly effective absorbers and diffusers will help tame the acoustics in your room and enhance your decor at the same time. Call us for more details.


February 2020

It's here! The new TIDAL Prisma preamplifier. Complimenting an already impressive line of electronics, the Prisma is a natural companion to the Camira DMC and Ferios amps.

Now shipping! The Vimberg Amea monitor speaker. The initial run is sold out but we are taking orders for the next run. This is big!

TVTI supported Zesto Audio with the loan of a pair of Vimberg Mino speakers at the Florida Audio Show. See the report by clicking the image on the right.

Parttimeaudiophile get the room Best Sound of the show. See that here!


vimberg Zesto FLAX

January 2020

We are proud to announce that we will be an official sponsor for the 30th Berk Jazz Fest to be held in Reading, PA.

TVTI will be creating the “BOSCOV’S BERKS JAZZ FEST LISTENING EXPERIENCE” in the Oak Room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Reading on Thursday, April 2; Friday, April 3; and Saturday, April 4. Click the logo for details.


The Voice That Is Berks Jazz Fest

December 2019

We'd like to welcome Equi=Tech to our portfolio of reference products. It is the highest quality and the best performing balanced power system they have ever offered.


November 2019

TVTI exhibited at the Capital AudioFest November 1st through the 4th in Rockville, Maryland. This year we were featuring the Limited Edition pair of 20th Anniversary TIDAL Contriva. This was the soft announcement of their release and we were once again privileged to show the 1st pair of only 20 to be built in the world. The Contrivas were driven by the gorgeous Ferios amplifiers.

Vinyl was spun on the Vertere SG-1 turntable with the Acoustical Systems Aquilar tonearm and Archon cartridge. All digital playback was via the Innuos Statement Server. Connectivity throughout was made with Black Cat Cable Stargate and Tron cables. Amp stands and Centerstage Feet were provided by Critical Mass Systems. Capturing the visual center was the Ictra Design Proto AS Rack.

Read the CAF2019 report by Marc Philips here!

Greg Weaver gave a great report on Enjoy The Music. Read it here:

Of the 80 rooms with exhibits, we were considered in the top 4 rooms of the show. Here's the link to the Podcast (timestamps 16:45; 21:22; 29:00).

Bill Wells of StereoTimes stopped in and spent quality time us. Read his report here:

Lastly, Marc Philips sums it all up for us in his show wrap up which can be seen here.

We had great sound again and it was fun to see our TIDAL Tee shirts being worn by those who love the brand.




September 2019

The new Innuos Statement Music Server is available for listening. Make your appointment today!

We welcome Black Cat Cables to our list of products for their amazing digital interconnect.


August 2019

The Official TVTI Trailer is posted on YouTube. Check it out!

Bricasti M1 Trade Up Opportunity to M12 or M21 starts. Call for details.

The new Aurender W20SE is available for listening. Make your appointment today!


July 2019

TVTI was at the California Audio Show working with Bricasti Design. TIDAL Contriva speakers were on display driven by Bricasti electronics. See the video here.

A very nice video trailer is posted on YouTube of the TVTI Live Event of June 22rd/23rd with Bricasti Design and Zesto Audio. You can see it here:


June 2019

We held two successful events in Jun. Our first TVTI Live event was held June 1st featuring Touraj Moghaddam of Vertere Acoustics and Richard Mak of Analog Magik. You can read the reports at the following links:

Marc Phillips of

This was also the US debut of the Ictra Design Stands out of Germany. The new Proto AS stand supported the TIDAL electronics and Vertere Reference turntable. Stunning!



Our second TVTI Live event was held June 22nd and 23rd with Brian Zolner of Bricasti Design and George Counnas of Zesto Audio. Those event reports can be seen at these following links:

Marc Phillips of

By Hans Wetzel of Soundstage Here:


May 2019

Announcing the return on the Amea. This amazing 2-way speaker has made a comeback under the Vimberg brand joining the Mino and Tonda speakers. Totally updated, the debut will be at the High End Show in Munich. Get a sneak preview at the links below and stay tuned!

The Trenner & Friedl Sun and Art speakers are here for audition.

Read the review from The AudioBeat about TIDAL's La Assoluta speakers here.


April 2019

See the Parttimeaudiophile report on Weiss from Axpona here.

After a long evaluation, we are happy to announce the addition of Trenner & Friedl speakers to our portfolio. The models we've chosen will be the perfect addition to your vacation home or office system. Completely unassuming and contemporary in style, these speakers are all about music.

Going to Axpona? We will be supporting our manufacturers this year in several rooms. Just look at our product mix and visit the manufacturer's room at the show to see the products we represent. Go in and ask for Doug from The Voice That Is. I can be found bouncing between the following rooms: Zesto (416), Bricasti (646), Rutherford Audio (1442), Weiss (8312) and Wynn Audio (9306). Want to chat with me directly? Call (610) 359-0189 and I'll happily meet you in one of those locations at the show. See you there!

March 2019

We are happy to announce the addition of ROON to our portfolio. Roon software has become the go to solution for streaming and server music.

The ROON Nucleus and Nucleus Plus makes the entire process seamless for our customers who need a solution for their office or second home. The fanless ROON Nucleus Plus appliance features Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB 3.0, internal 2.5” HDD/SSD bay and external power supply. It will handle large libraries over 100,000 tracks, over six simultaneous zones and Extensive DSP. A Roon software subscription is required.

Call us today to add one to your system.

February 2019

We are happy to announce the addition of several excellent products in service to music reproduction. We have added Acoustical Systems Cartridges, Tonearms and SMARTractor, Analog-Magik Cartridge setup software, and Vertere Turntables, tonearms and cables. These products have been on our radar for several years and have maintained very high standards in quality and performance. We are proud to be able to offer them to our clients.


January 2019

TIDAL celebrates "20 years of excellence"

Founded in spring 1999 TIDAL has established itself over the last twenty years as one of the finest audio manufacturers in the world. Many even claim TIDAL is in a league of its own due its unparalleled combination of the highest possible level in sound, design and finish.
What is for certain is the proven consistency in delivering excellence for ears, eyes and hands without any kind of compromise - materialized in unique masterpieces. Not only would they like to say thank you to all our clients and partners worldwide, they will also celebrate this year with events, limited edition masterpieces and something very special.


We have added the Reed 1C turntable to our demo room. We chose the Reed 2G tonearm in Macassar and Air Tight PC-7 Cartridge to complete the system. This is a very stylish, speed stable and versatile turntable. It sounds good too!





December 2018

The Occasional Magazine, by, issued their 2018 Editor's Choice Buyers Guide and several of our elite brands are listed inside. Our product choices are consistently at the top of the heap. Get the magazine here!

The TIDAL Audio Piano G2 speaker has been awarded Product of the Year from Soundstage Ultra. Read the review here!

Critical Mass Center Stage Footers have been awarded Accessory of the Year from from HiFi+. Read about it here!

Also we'd like to announce the addition of the Critical Mass Center Stage Footers and Torus Power to our product mix. We have our demos and are able to work with customers in the Philadelphia Tri-State Area. Call us for an experience.


November 2018

The Capital Audiofest was another success with the second showing of the new Vimberg Mino speaker. We also had our first show exhibiting with Skogrand cables and the HRS VXR Audio Stand. See us at the Capital Audio Fest. Click the green and white image at the right for details of the exhibit.

Myles Astor wrote: "...What really stood out the most among was the system’s many qualities was its low level resolution. The new Skogrand cables were burned in a bit. The system was now far more linear and neutral. What really stood out the most among was the system’s many qualities was its low level resolution. ... Each singer was distinctively rendered and spread out rather than sounding like one person. Everyone stopped talking when the MOFI reissue of One From The Heart was played. Clearly a message at shows that a show system is doing something special." Read the entire report here:

Art Dudley, of Stereophile, visited on Sunday. "... I spent most of my time there listening to vinyl-a recording on EMI of the Zelenka Lamentations, which I'd never before heard. That LP sounded so transcendent on Doug White' system that, after Side One was over, I begged to hear Side Two-forget that I was running low on time. The system sounded huge but not at all machine-like, and succeeded in putting across sonic colors and human emotions alike. Stunning." Read his entire report here:

Eric Franklin Shook, of, reported"... The new VIMBERG line isn’t exactly going to run though its competition like a bull, it’s going to run through them like a whole herd of bulls. In some ways, I can’t bare to watch, but I also can’t stop smiling.". Read the entire report here!

Greg Weaver, writing for Enjoy the Music, tells of his experience in our room at the Capital Audiofest. "...This system was with amazingly lifelike throughout the midrange in general, and especially with male and female vocals. It rendered delicate degrees of microdynamic shading... yielding a level of immediacy that was almost scary, while depicting remarkable detail and resolve. This system was remarkably transparent, and the way it delicately rendered upper registers, with a such a relaxed sense of air and space, was noteworthy." Read the entire story here!

TVTI hosted a private Cocktail Party for members of the Philadelphia Area Audio Group and The New Jersey Audio Society to feature the Vimberg Mino speaker. 40 guests attended, listened to music and enjoyed beer, various wines, fruits and assorted cheeses. Later that evening we co-sponsored the live music in the theater of 100 attendees. In performance was Blue Coast artists The Hazelrigg Brothers who were excellent! Thanks Cookie Marenco, George Hazelrigg and Geoff Hazelrigg for making the show special. Click this link to see the complete show on YouTube.

The TIDAL Akira speaker was reviewed by John Atkinson in the November issue of Stereophile. JA Said"...While the Tidal Akiras always sounded superb, throughout my auditioning of these speakers I was never sure I had fully gotten the best from them." Click the magazine cover at the right to see the review online!




October 2018

At The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest , we featured the new speaker brand VIMBERG ( On display was the Tidal Impulse Amp, Preos DAC/Phonostage/Preamp and the new VIMBERG Mino speaker in Summit White. Also on display was the TW-Acustic AC-1 turntable, Skogrand Beethoven USB, Dynamic Design Cables and Antipodes DX3 server. Click the room image at right where you'll find the details of the exhibit.

Eric Shook wrote in Audiohead: "The new VIMBERG line isn’t exactly going to run though its competition like a bull, it’s going to run through them like a whole herd of bulls. In some ways, I can’t bare to watch, but I also can’t stop smiling." Read the whole show report here!

Greg Weaver wrote in Enjoy the Music:..."This room was an absolute knock out, with very nice weight and surprising accurate scaling from speakers of this size." Read the whole story here.

Myles Astor of Audionirvana commented: "I loved the new Vimberg line and this room could have scored a touch higher with a little more robust midrange. The tweeter on the new Tidal’s was exception resolving information didn’t know was on the recording"

Audiophilia gave our efforts their Best In Show: "Vimberg/Tidal Audio/TW-Acustic/Transfiguration/Antipodes hosted by The Voice That Is - think of the 29K Vimberg Mino Loudspeaker as a baby Tidal. Superlative sound for much less. Extraordinary detail with luxe musicality." cited in their must see report: " Take the best in material sourcing, and engineering, then draw upon decades of pedigree wisdom and craftsmanship - what you are left with is the VIMBERG Mino tower. Possibly one of the greatest bargains in hi-fi."

Jim Hannon of The Absolute Sound reported: "While it’s not new, the TW-Acustic Raven AC-1 'table ($15.5k) with Raven 10.5 arm and Transfiguration Proteus cartridge deserves high praise. It produced a highly engaging and naturally detailed sound in a system from The Voice That Is that included the new TIDAL Vimberg Mino speakers, and TIDAL electronics and cables. The reproduction of massed strings and voice were gorgeous with lots of air and detail."



RMAF 2018 Room 7018


August 2018

We had the pleasure of a visit from Dave Thomas, Editor of Stereotimes. While our TIDAL Akira speakers were out for review, Dave had an extended listening experience with the Contriva G2 speakers in our Reference System. You can read the story of his visit here:

May 2018

Our travel to Germany for the HIGH-END show in Munich was a huge success with the announcement of the new speaker brand VIMBERG ( On active display, and driven by all TIDAL electronics, was the new VIMBERG Tonda speaker. The VIMBERG Mino speaker was on static display. The system totally rocked the crowd, with it's impressive dynamics and imaging. Attendees were really surprised at the anticipated price of 28,000 Euro for the Tonda (22,000 Euro for the Mino).

Parttimeaudiophile reported excellent details of the two VIMBERG models first which can be seen here.

Roy Gregory of The Audio Beat said "... Given their heritage and design DNA, the VIMBERG speakers could just be shaping up as one of audio’s all-time biggest bargains." Read their report here.

Herb Reichert of Stereophile reported "... Wow! This white beauty gives me 80 - 90% of the fancy speaker's sonics at less than 20% of its cost. What is not to like?" Read the entire report online here.

See the VIMBERG YouTube video from Munich for an amazing sound captured by an iPhone. If it sounds this good recorded with an iPhone, you'll be amazed when you hear it live.

Jonathan Valin, of The Absolute Sound, wrote this about the VIMBERG Tonda speaker "... The system was digital only and slightly lighter in balance than the Akira, upon which the Tonda is said to be based. Nonetheless, it was very pleasant - fast without bite, and full without bloat. Nice speaker."



April 2018

We traveled to Chicago to exhibit in the 2018 Axpona show. The Piano G2 speakers were absolutely stunning in a rare dark Ebony Macassar finish. The ladies who visited the room loved them and they performed to their usual high standard musically pair ed with TIDAL electronics and Antipodes DX Gen 3 Server. The components were connected with TIDAL and Dynamic Design cables. Thanks to NativeDSD for providing some get music for demo.

Jason Serinus of Stereophile reported on our room saying "...this system produced excellent sound". Read his report here.

Rafe Arnot of Audio Head wrote: "’s the large, completely open window that the system presents for listeners to step through into the recording that creates an emotional connection for me." Read the entire story here.

Maurice Jefferies wrote for Positive Feedback Online "...Doug's superb set-up skills continue to show off one of the world's best speaker lines, the German designed and built Tidals, in their artfully best light." Read the entire report at this link.

Dr. David Robinson once again gave our efforts his Audio Oasis Award. He enlightened me of his process saying "if I sit down and take out my camera, you're in the running."

Michael Fremer, of Analog Planet, visited and took a video of our analog setup. See that Analogplanet YouTube video at this link.

Julie Mullins, of The Absolute Sound, visited and reported here.

Eric Shook wrote a wonderful piece giving his thoughts on system synergy and TIDAL electronics. "... As tidy and spiritual as ever. Nothing exaggerated or considered of a particular house sound, unless you consider power, detail, and transparency to be a house sound. " You can read the entire report here!

Bill Wells of Stereotimes reported :...In terms of sound in this exhibit, highly musical - clear, open, dynamic, unrestricted and highly detailed." Read Bill's show report here:

Dave Thomas of Stereo Times wrote "... In this room, and on this system, it [Loggins & Messina’s, “Pathway to Glory”] did not disappoint. Bravo to Doug and the components in this system. This was another of my “Best of Show” rooms." Read the entire story here.

AVShowrooms visited our room and presented our efforts with their Gold Sound Award. Watch the YouTube video of the TVTI room here.

There were a pair of Piano G2 speakers on display in the Bel Canto room and well as the Bricasti room. This was a rare opportunity for a person to hear the same speaker on three completely different systems on the same day. All three rooms sounded great! Watch the YouTube video of the Bricasti room here.



February 2018

We are happy to announce the addition of the award winning components from Zesto Audio to our product mix.

Zesto Audio electronics are hand made in the USA utilizing tubes as the basis for their Class A designs. For your listening pleasure, we have on display the Leto 1.5 preamplifier, both the Andros 1.2 and Tessera phono-stages, and the powerful Eros 300 mono amplifiers.

We are the Philadelphia Area Platinum Dealer for Zesto Audio and welcome the opportunity to share its sound with you. See more about Zesto Audio here!

January 2018

Our HRS VXR Audio Stands have arrived and are now installed. We welcome the opportunity to share its performance with you. Come hear the rock solid foundation in the music created with the installation of the product. Amazing!

December 2017

We are happy to announce the addition of HRS Audio Stands to our product mix. HRS has a long history of building excellent high performing products which brings out the best in the equipment placed upon it. Our VXR Audio Stands are due to be delivered in a few weeks and we welcome the opportunity to share its performance with you. See more about HRS here!

November 2017

Capital Audiofest proved once again to be a fun show to do - despite the grueling job transporting loading, unloading, and setting up 3 rooms. The TIDAL Agoria speakers, Camira DMC, TIDAL Ferios Amps performed in stellar fashion. The Antipodes DX Gen3 server and TW- Acustic Anniversary turntable, with the Transfiguration Proteus cartridge, fed music to the attendees without fail.

Eric Franklin Shook, of, give his report of our efforts at CAF 2017. "Everything sounds natural, full bodied, and smooth. It’s delightful. Often in a showroom you can feel your own senses making compromises with the room or the systems shortcomings, but none of that happens here." You can read the full report here!

Art Dudley of Stereophile said "Maybe the real thing would sound a little more rawboned, their timing a little more unpredictable, maybe even dangerous-maybe-but this system on this song captured the sound of a jazz piano as well as and probably better than any other playback I've heard." See the entire article here.

The Bricasti Design room next door featured the TIDAL Contriva G2 speakers driven by Bricasti electronics. The Contrivas presented music with power and grace. See Art Dudley's report here.

Greg Waver, of, gave his impressions of the show. "Doug White, of The Voice That Is, never, and I mean NEVER, fails to get amazing sound from any room, at any show. So, it came as no surprise that he turned in another winner, complete with a host of recently introduced Tidal products. This was one accomplished system, resolute, detailed, fast, vivid, and airy. Instruments had a great sense of color and texture, and very good bloom and solid body. It generated a wonderful sense of instrumental weight, and was almost magical at conveying microdynamic expression."

Kemper Holt, of, reported "Overall the system is rock solid, imaging is precise, soundstage is wide and deep, speakers 100% disappear, harmonics rich, string tone gorgeous, vocals focused with great detail, and tight deep bass both on a plucked upright bass and drum kits with an easy ability to pressurize the room." Read the entire report here.

20/20 Evolution featured Conrad Johnson electronics which fed the TIDAL Piano Diacera G2 speaker with grace. This was a special opportunity to hear TIDAL speakers perform on different electronic designs. Read the Stereophile report here:

Myles Astor, of, created a couple videos and posted them on YouTube. See them here and here.

AVSForum created a video that can be seen on YouTube here:



October 2017

The 2017 RMAF was a huge success for The Voice That Is. The Akira sang like crazy, even in a less than desirable room, driven by the New Ferios monobloc amplifiers. The Camira DMC did a wonderful job making regular 44.1 files shine as presented by the Antipodes DX Gen 3 Server. Lastly, the new TIDAL Reference cables presented all of finesse and power and authority of the all of the music played. The attendees loved it and returned again and again (and so did the reviewers). Below are comments from our efforts:

Jim Hannon, of The Absolute Sound, gave us his Best Sound (Cost No Object): Tie: TIDAL Akira speakers with all TIDAL electronics."Doug White and The Voice That Is always features systems in the top sonic ranks and RMAF was no exception." Read RMAF 2017 Show Report: Solid-state Electronics here.

Audiophilia awarded our room Best Sound of Show."The three of us at different times were musically gobsmacked. The damn system almost ruined the rest of the show for us. Yes, that insanely good. Never heard better in my 20 years with Audiophilia." See there report at this link.

Rafe Arnot of reported on his visit to our room in RMAF. "There’s a reason Scot Hull calls TIDAL gear “The Rolls Royce of high-end audio,” it’s because it’s big, glossy, built by hand to last for generations, and offers a level of performance, fit, and finish that many competitors cannot match." Read the entire story here!

Jason Serinus of Stereophile reported on our room at RMAF saying "This was a far more open and illumined system than I heard in some other rooms at the show. It's always risky to tout such a sound, because it's not as "safe and demo-proof" as more damped systems can be in lively rooms. But when it works, as it did here on tracks by Joe Zawinul, Gregory Porter, Malia, and the partnership of Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin, it leaves me smiling. As does Doug White's flawless-of-late set-up acumen." Read the entire report here.

RMAF 2017: The Best of the Best. The Voice That Is:

TIDAL Audio Akira speakers in midnight black gloss. Another really great system excelling with its see through transparency and ability to capture the nuances of the music. Just absolutely effortless sounding. The latest version of Transfiguration Proteus cartridge also sounded better than the original version that I reviewed a while back in Positive-Feedback. Specifically, the midrange of the new Proteus was far more palpable while retaining the original versions resolution. ~ Myles Astor -

BEST SOUND - Roy Gregory of hifi+ reported "Tidal Audio Presencio/Ferios amplifiers and Akira loudspeakers with TW-Acustic Raven turntable... The Voice That Is showed what was arguably the most expensive system at RMAF: fortunately it was also the best sounding. The Akira speakers that so impressed in a large room at the Munich show two years ago were this time deployed to equally impressive musical effect in a hotel bedroom. This might have been a single seat, single source set up, but sit in that hot seat, play a record and the system, the room and the end wall simply disappeared. If you ever wondered what a time and space machine might cost, the answer is around half a million dollars!" / Best Sounds of Show
"TIDAL Akira paired with their electronics, it was easily one of the most liquid and emotive setups at the show. It was hard to believe everything was played off digital sources."
said "This was one of the systems that would definitely be in the running for best in the show if you were looking for a really open and revealing system. Without a doubt some of the very best sound at RMAF this year."

Myles Astor, of Positive Feedback Online, reported "...The TIDAL room was another really great system capable of stunning see through transparency. Where the system really excelled, however, was its ability to capture both the music's nuances and rhythm's and at the same time sound absolutely effortless on "My Favorite Things."

Speaking of great sound, Bel Canto debuted their new Black EX DAC and Integrated across the hall. The sound was wonderful coming out of the TIDAL Piano Diacera G2 speakers we loaned for the show. We also loaned our TW AC-1 turntable and Transfiguration Axia cartridge to for vinyl playback . Dynamic Design provided the cables which worked wonderfully in the system. Attendees sent a lot of time between our two rooms.


























September 2017

We are preparing to exhibit at RMAF in October where we will be showing the TIDAL Akira speakers driven by the new Ferios amps and sourced by the TW-Raven Anniversary Turntable and Antipodes DX Gen 3 server. We are planning to show the new Camira DMC and hope it arrives in time. Come see us in Room 7018.

Speaking of RMAF, Bel Canto will be showcasing several new Black products in their room across the hall. They will be using our TIDAL Piano Diacera G2 speakers to show all their great products can do. make it a point to stop in. Tell them Doug sent you!





August 2017

John Stancavage, of, awarded TVTI his Best In Show for Higher Priced Systems at the LA Audio Show. Read the story here.

We are excited to have the new TIDAL Ferios Monobloc Amplifiers available for audition. This is very first pair in all of the Americas and they are spectacular sounding. Fast, Powerful and retrieves inner details, these amps use technologies from the flagship Assoluta amplifiers and are very musical . Come see them at RMAF in October.

TVTI is happy to announce the addition of Antipodes Audio to it's line of ultimate audio products. The sound of the new DX Generation 3 server is top notch and, paired with the new version of Roon, is something special to experience.




July 2017

Rafe Arnot, of, posted his summary report from HIGHEND in Munich. "... For this system’s ability to connect me to the music, and it’s stunning visual presence I’m awarding it Best In Show for Munich." On display was the TIDAL La Assoluta speaker and the premiere of the new Ferios monobloc amplifiers and Camira DMC (Digital to Music Converter). Read the story here.

Speaking of premieres. The new TIDAL Ferios Monobloc amplifiers are on the way to our Studio with the Camira not far behind. Expect to see them both in the upcoming RMAF in October.

Ken Choi, of, wrote nicely about his experience with the Piano Diacera G2. "These speakers simply compel me to spend more time appreciating music, so they will be staying in my listening room." Read about it here!



June 2017

The LA Audio Show was fun as we met with new attendees and made new friends with industry professionals. We displayed the TIDAL Contriva G2 speaker, Impulse LPX and Preos preamp along with TW-Acustic Raven GT/SE turntable and Transfiguration Proteus cartridge. All cables were by Dynamic Design and power cleaning was by a Signal Projects S40. Attendance was typical for a first time show however those that came seemed to enjoy themselves.

Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, awarded us Best of Show saying "Similar to the system shown at the Newport Show last year, it remains a full, rich listening experience with stunning timbre and tonal color. It just didn’t miss a beat." Read the full article here!

John Stancavage of wrote “It’s almost like sitting on the end of Ellington’s piano stool.” Read the entire story here.

Dr. David Robinson, of Positive Feedback Online, presented us with his Audio Oasis award for our efforts at the LAAS show.

John Atkinson, of Stereophile, wrote: "... the sound was otherwise neutrally balanced, clean, and involving., with superbly stable, precise stereo imaging. Two tracks from Musica Nuda, "Roxanne" and "Eleanor Rigby," with a female voice accompanied by solo double bass, sounded palpably real." Read more at here.

Several artists from Blue Coast Records stopped by to say hello. We introduced Valerie Joyce and Derek Jones to attendees in the room and listening to their recent releases. We were pleased to meet the President of Blue Coast Music Group and later hang with Fiona Joy and Jenna Mammina after their recording sessions.

A special thanks for Phillip T. and Robert Harley of TAS for the enlightened conversation about music. We three found that we shared the same fondness for many musicians, groups and music not normally played at audio shows. COOL!







May 2017

Dr. David Robinson, of Positive Feedback Online, posted his report commenting "... the American debut of the new Akira loudspeaker, with its massive diamond tweeter and a driver array down-shifted from the no-holds-barred Assoluta. The results were simply brilliant." See Impressions: My Audio Oasis! Awards for AXPONA 2017. Photo courtesy of Positive Feedback.

Rafe Arnott,, posted his report on our efforts at Axpona 2017. "... it showcased the capabilities of a manufacturer whose obsession with quality in design, materials, circuit concept, fit, finish, and musicality borders on the religious." See his AXPONA 2017: Rafe’s highlights, sounds, thoughts, and wrap-up, HERE!

Clement Perry of Stereotimes visited our room in Axpona 2017. "...I'm not talking about walking-through-the-show-good sonics blah, blah, blah. I'm talking about the type of sonics that allow you to feel the music and not just hear it." See his show report here:

Rafe Arnott,, posted his report on Axpona 2017. "...There was powerful keyboard music with thunderous bass being played through a huge sound system that was raising the hair on my arms..." . Read the full report, as well as view the video, HERE!

We are preparing for the trip to HIGHEND in Munich Germany to see the TIDAL La Assoluta speaker in a special reservation only event. TIDAL Audio will also premiere the new Ferios monobloc amplifiers and Camira DMC (Digital to Music Converter).

Bill Wells of Stereotimes visited our room in Axpona 2017. See his show report here:





April 2017

Axpona was a resounding success as we presented the TIDAL Akira speakers on public display for the first time in all of the Americas. The reference system put on a stellar performance on all music types which resulted in a Best of Show from The Absolute Sound's Jonathan Valin in his cost-no-object category. "...gorgeous color, very deep well-defined bass, no added edge or sibilance in the treble, superb soundstaging and lifelike imaging, tremendous transient speed and dynamic range..." Read the entire story here! He also named the TIDAL Akira his Most Coveted Product.

Positive Feedback rewarded our efforts with their Audio Oasis Award which is given to audio show rooms that exhibit superior audio virtues for music & sound.

Jason Serinus of Stereophile stated "...nailed the height and meaty tone of the violin and the complex undertones and overtones of each instrument with lightning-fast clarity," Read This story here!

Maurice Jeffries,, reported "...Akiras elicited from me that elusive "ah-ha moment of clarity", that point in the performance where I felt I could genuinely divine the deeper intent of the musicians, recording engineer, and composer." Read the entire report here!

Julie Mullens of TAS wrote "...This system was simply beautiful in its blend of verisimilitude, swiftness, and expansive soundstaging". She gave us her Best Sound (cost-no-object). Read her blog here.

Myles Astor of loved the performance of the TW-Acustic Raven turntable/arm combo which sported the new Transfiguration Proteus Diamond cartridge.

We enjoyed the visit of the team from Stereophile. Jana Dagdagan posted a second video of the interview by John Atkinson and Herb Reichert. See that video here.

Bill Wells of StereoTimes wrote wonderfully of his journey to visit to our Studio. We enjoyed his visit. You can read that here

The system as discussed will be on display at Axpona later this month. While hotel rooms aren't the best environment to judge the performance of any system, we hope to get the best possible performance that weekend. Stop by Room 342 and say hello. While you're there, meet the CEO of TIDAL Audio.




March 2017

We were happy to host the visit of Stereophile's Editor-in-Chief John Atkinson to our Studio to experience the TIDAL Akira speaker. Joining Mr. Atkinson were Herb Reichert and Jana Dagdagan.

The reference system was comprised of TIDAL electronics, Bricasti M1se DAC, and Aurender N10 Music server. All analog was presented by way of the TW-Acustic Raven Anniversary turntable, Raven 10.5 arm and Transfiguration Proteus cartridge. Cabling by TIDAL and Signal Projects.

We opened the listening session with an orchestral position and soundstage reference, and proceeded through various classical selections on vinyl as well as some recommended Hi-Res tracks from mutual friend John Marks. The 24/352 downloads from 2L - the Nordic Sound allowed the reference system to really strut its stuff. Of course we sampled various jazz, vocal and pop/rock works to show the versatility of the system.

Ms. Dagdagan used her skills to capture the day on video. It was an honor to have the team from Stereophile visit our Studio.

On separate occasions Scot Hull of, and Bill Wells of StereoTimes, visited for their own TIDAL Akira experiences.

Sereophile The Voice That Is

February 2017

As we prepare for the upcoming Axpona Show in Chicago in April, the Transfiguration Proteus cartridge, with the Diamond cantilever, is warming up. We'll exhibit with a TW-Acustic Raven AC turntable. Plan to come and see us in room 342.

Capital Audio Fest Show Manager, Paul Elliot, makes a long desired trip to TVTI for an experience.

Read his words here:

January 2017

The amazing StillPoints ESS Racks are on display. Each shelf contains the awesome Ultra 6 isolators. Our TW-Acustic Raven Anniversary turntable, weighing over 120 lbs, sits atop an a one inch thick acrylic shelf. The rack is rock solid! Come experience their performance in our Studio and ask us how this rack can improve your system.

Signal Projects Golden Sequence, Apollon, Hydra Reference and Atlantis audio cables are on display in our reference system. Call us for more info or visit for a first hand experience.

December 2016

The coveted Positive Feedback "Brutus Award" is presented to TIDAL Audio - one for each of the following products - Agoria Speakers, Impulse Monobloc Amplifiers and the Presencio Preamplifier.


TIDAL Audio also received one of two Positive Feedback Circuitous Maximus Awards for top-notch system synergy. We are proud to be the Statement Dealer for TIDAL Audio in the US. awarded TIDAL Audio's Contriva G2 speaker "Best of 2016" products. "...No matter what I heard them paired with at various shows this year, they just spoke to me. They made me emotional, they put off-balance, and kept me there with their innate musicality. "


We are happy to announce the US arrival of the Diamond Series TIDAL Akira speakers. The Akira is second from the top of the line - just below the La Assoluta speaker. It shares the use of the worlds only 5" Diamond Midrange-Woofer developed by TIDAL for it’s exclusive use. The Midrange-Woofer diaphragm is made out of pure diamond - and with that they do not mean 'diamond coated'. No, they mean the real thing: pure diamond thru and thru, the hardest material on earth. The Akira has 14 carats total diamond and they have never before been available to hear in the US. Some details are on our TIDAL speakers product page. Complete details and more can be seen on TIDAL's site.

TIDAL Axpona 2016

November 2016

Dr. David Robinson, Editor - in - Chief of Positive-Feedback Online, posts his reference level review of the TIDAL Audio Agoria Speaker, Presencio Reference Preamplifier and Impulse Monobloc amplifiers.


"...No matter how demanding the sources were that I used with this system, TIDAL responded with immense resolution, solid-as-a-rock reliability, and complete authority of presentation in our room. This is a splendid result, one that merits my highest praise for the TIDAL designs here. I can tell you that I truly regretted the departure of TIDAL; it was a reference experience, without a doubt."


Read Impressions: A Reference System from TIDAL Audio for full details.

TIDAL Axpona 2016

October 2016

We are proud to welcome Bel Canto Design, and their Black line of finely engineered products, to our family. Bel Canto just launched the new Black ACI 600 Integrated Amplifier with Ethernet Streaming, Tidal, Roon Ready*, MQA*and internal programmable phono stage. Our demo will be in soon!


The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was a success with nearly 500 attendees visiting our room which featured Zanden Electronics driving the TIDAL Piano Diacera G2 speakers for the first time ever. Also on display was the Aurender A10 Server /DAC, StillPoints ESS Rack and Aperture panels. Read the write-ups below:

by Rafe Arnott of

by John Atkinson of Stereophile:

by Darryl Lindberg of

by Roy Gregory of The Audio Beat:


One of the highlights of the weekend was the unplanned arrival of Blue Coast Recording artists who decided to have a jam session in our room on Saturday. Five musicians, who never played together as a group, dubbed the session "Flash Jam" and were recorded live by Blue Coast Records Executive Producer Cookie Marenco on her portable DSD recorder. Over 30 lucky attendees packed the entrance and were treated to a rare live recording and impromptu jam session. This was a truly special day.


See the YouTube Video here:


See the Blue Coast Records story here:


RMAF 2016


August 2016

We are proud to welcome TW Acustic and their line of finely engineered turntables to our family. The Raven products have won our hearts, mind and especially our ears.


Partimeaudiophile's Scot Hull reports on the Capital Audio Fest saying "...My thought, listening? Wrap it up. I'll take the whole lot. This was easily one of the very best rooms at this show." Read the whole story here!


We are preparing for the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audiofest. Come see The Piano Diacera G2 in room 7021 with Zanden electronics.


July 2016

The 2016 Capital Audio Fest is where we featured the US debut of the TIDAL Piano Diacera G2 speaker. This is the first active showing since it's introduction at the Munich Show this year. Analog playback was via the Brinkmann Spyder turntable, arm and cartridge. What was the supporting gear you ask. TIDAL Audio Preos D pre and Impulse LPX amp; Bricasti Design's M1se DAC; Aurender N10 Server; a mixture of TIDAL, Dynamic Design and Purist Audio Design cables; StillPoints ESS rack, Aperture panels, Ultra SS, Five and Six isolators. On Static Display was the REL S5/SHO sub. Also on display was the new Piano G2 in the Velvetec finish which debuts at an affordable $22,800! We featured DSD music from Blue Coast Records and


Stereophile's Art Dudley visited for quite sometime and reported "...made music without apparent effort". Read Art Dudley's experience here:


Bricasti Design was in our room next door and played the new M12 Controller and M28 amps through TIDAL Agoria speakers.


Stereophile's Herb Reichart visited and reports "...imaging and clarity were spectacular." Read Herb Reichart's experience here.

Myle's Aster of gave his thoughts about DSD. Read that blog here.






June 2016

T.H.E. Show Newport in California was another success! Working with Dynamic Design and LampizatOr, the sound in our room was extremely involving. So much so, several Blue Coast Recording artists repeatedly visited our room to audition their live DSD tracks recorded just hours before at the show. See the YouTube video here:


Dr. David Robinson, of Positive Feedback Online, awarded our room their Audio Oasis Award for our efforts. It was a special show for us.

Rafe Arnott of wrote..."Emotionally provocative, and addictive." "...I felt like I could take a bite right out of the air, and rip off a piece of the performance."

Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound called the sound "... Open, energetic, neutral, and finely detailed..." and awarded our room in the 5 Best Sounding Rooms at the show.

Jack Roberts of Dagogo reported "This room was far and away the best digital-only sounding room."


Partimeaudiophile's Rafe Arnott wraps up The Newport Beach show and awards our efforts Best Sound "...Tidal speakers are so uncolored that they just pass along what's coming, albeit with absolute control, and authority, and it's sound like this that sticks with you for a reason: you can't stop remembering, and referencing it.". Read Rafe's report here:


Dr. David Robinson, of Positive Feedback Online, posted his report on the Newport Show and Audio Oasis winners. See it here!.


PFO Audio Oasis Award

PFO Audio Oasis Award

April 2016

Axpona 2016 in Chicago was a success. Exhibiting in a new smaller room for the first time, the Agoria's sang proudly driven by an all star cast of TIDAL electronics, TIDAL cables, Aurender, Bricasti and Dynamic Design. See the quotes below and read the full reports at the links.


Bill Wells of Stereo Times reported "... as clean and clear as the sound was, it also had a very high emotional content and very effectively made you feel as though you were right there live and in person."

Dr. David Robinson gives TVTI an Audio Oasis Award for the efforts at Axpona 2016: said " ...Doug! There was real audio righteousness going on in your room, and I'm here to recognize it!"

Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound said " ...If I awarded a prize for most beautiful sound of the show, this system would surely have won."

Scot Hull of reported in his usual flare: "In terms of raw sex appeal, an early winner from AXPONA featured a full set of electronics and loudspeakers from TIDAL Audio out of Germany. Pools of liquid ink have been captured and somehow suspended in semi-solid forms; casework with glittering chrome, and speakers that seem so dark that they pull at your eyes .... wow." "... the presentation and overall immersion was true and truly lovely."

Robert Youman of Positive Feedback Online said: "Ya gotta love the depth and breadth of the TIDAL product portfolio and the results that can be realized. There is something to be said for system synergy and voicing from the same manufacturer. I found myself staying longer than I had planned and then returning when I had a few spare minutes before closing. "


Jason Serinus of Stereophile reported: "...the system produced beautiful timbres, gorgeous warmth, and liquidity for days. "Chris Jones' "No Sanctuary Here," but when I heard the individual background voices emerge distinctly from what always has sounded on previous occasions like a congealed, rumbling mass, I could totally appreciate how good this system was."

Myles Astor of says from his visit: "... The sound? It can only be described as effortless and smooth as a baby's behind. Not fatiguing as other digital systems want to be especially under show conditions. Best of all, the Agorias had the ability to produce a big sound and even under show conditions a semblance of a concert hall or club experience."


Julie Mullins of TAS also reported saying: "...the highly resolved presentation overflowed with inviting richness - warm as silk and smooth as honey. In a word, gorgeous!"

Doug Schroeder of Dagogo gives his take on our Axpona efforts: "...I always enjoy the systems designed by The Voice That Is. The gear is luscious and the sound enveloping and unencumbered."

TVTI is happy to announce the addition of Eclipse subwoofers to our product mix. With two well built and extremely fast products, we welcome this excellent product to the family!

PFO Audio Oasis Award

January 2016

TVTI hosted the Philadelphia Area Audio Group for two fully registered listening events. PAAG is a dedicated group of audiophiles - 80 members strong. We appreciate their enthusiastic attendance and look forward to sharing the music.

Aurender announces the new A10 Caching Music Server /Player with high performance digital-to-analog converter. With 2TB of internal hard disk drive and one 120GB solid-state drive cache for playback, the A10 is the perfect solution for those replacing CD Players.


October 2015

TVTI assisted Bricasti at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. The setup produced excellent sound despite the small room.

While at RMAF, we continued our search for a headphone line to represent. After visiting over a dozen manufacturer's booths, we picked up the AUDEZE line of Reference Headphones. Coupled with the Purist Audio Design Headphone cable, the resulting performance was awesome. Our demo product is to arrive soon.


August 2015

TVTI exhibited at the 2015 Capital AudioFest held at the Hilton Hotel Twinbrook in Rockville, Maryland. On display was the TIDAL Contriva G2 speakers, Preos-D preamp, Impulse Monoblocs Amps, Purist Audio Design Cables, StillPoints and the New Aurender N10 Music Server. Words from a reviewer:


"...To be fair, I'm a bit critical of this sound. I'm familiar, after all. So, when I say I was gobsmacked, do take that familiarity into consideration. This was incredibly heady stuff. Ethereal... delicate... insightful. And then, on a dime, wildly bombastic. This is why we get into audio, folks. Right here. This is a reference for Absolute Sound." ~ Scot Hul -

In our second room, we worked with Bricasti Design showing the Bricasti M28 amps, M1 DAC and TIDAL Agoria speakers. One reviewer wrote:

"... Early in the day I was impressed by the sound in both of the large rooms sponsored by The Voice That Is, the Newtown Square, PA-based dealer that specializes in the typically big, beautiful loudspeakers from Tidal Audio of Cologne, Germany. ... The combination did everything one might expect from such a costly combination - scale, openness, convincing spatial effects, and lots of sheer power - but added a wholly unexpected measure of velvety-warm color and texture. " ~ Art Dudley - Stereophile

Capital Audiofest 2015

Capital Audiofest 2015

May 2015

TIDAL showed, in static display, their statement La Assoluta speaker featuring the diamond Mid-woofer speakers. Also on static display, was the new Piano G2 speaker. On active display, TIDAL played the new Akira speaker which wowed attendees with it's flawless midrange, provided by the single diamond mid-woofer, extended highs and powerful bass from several new Accuton ceramic woofers. The New Camira DAC connected the Aurender W20 which provided the source material though the Presencio LS preamp. The Akira speakers were driven by the new Assoluta Monobloc amplifiers. The sound was simply stunning!

TIDAL Audio Munich

April 2015

The Axpona Show in Chicago - April 24th through April 26th was a huge success. Aurender, Purist Audio Design and StillPoints talked about their technologies the day on Saturday . The new Contriva G2 loudspeakers was on display as well as the flagship Presencio preamp and the Impulse Monobloc amps.


We were visited by many of the press elite and they wrote positively about the sound. Here's the show reorts:


The Absolute Sound / Jonathan Valin ~ Read the report here: / Scot Hull ~ Read the report here.

Positive Feedback Online / Dr. David Robinson ~ Read it here:

Stereophile / Jason Serinus ~ Read the report here:

Dagogo / Doug Schroeder ~ Read the report here.

TVTI received the coveted Audio Oasis Award from Positive FeedBack Online.

Audio Oasis Axpona

March 2015

The TIDAL Monobloc amplifiers, and the New Preos-D preamplifier, are available for audition the middle of this month. Call and make an appointment to audition them both.


December 2014

Scot Hull, of, did a mini-review on the TIDAL Preos preamp and Impulse amp. "... I have nothing but praise. Seriously." ..."I'm still a little breathless, just thinking about how wonderfully lucky I was to have all this here to enjoy." Read all about it here.

Contriva G2

November 2014

TVTI has, once again, received North America's first two production pairs of the new TIDAL Contriva G2 speakers. Our demo pair was ordered in the fabulous Macassar Ebony veneer finish - never before built. The second pair, in the familiar and equally beautiful Mahogany veneer finish, was simultaneously delivered to our customer in Maryland. TIDAL introduced the Contriva G2 at the High End Show in Munich Germany earlier this year.

The new Contriva G2 speakers are available for audition.

Contriva G2

October 2014

Once again we were successful in achieving great sound working with Bricasti Design at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Showing Bricasti Electronics, TIDAL Audio Cera speakers, Purist Audio Design cables, and StillPoints Ultra Isolation devices, our room was awarded Positive-Feedback's Audio Oasis award saying "The quality of the sound in this room was unique...detailed, transparent, and dynamic! Jared Sacks' native DSD recordings were sounding amazing here!" We also received AudioShark's Best Sound of Show Under $100,000.

PFO Audio Oasis

August 2014

Bricasti Design, TIDAL Audio, Purist Audio Design, StillPoints and TVTI receive AVShowrooms' Gold Show Award for the 2014 Capital Audiofest. See the video from the show in our video gallery.

July 2014 reports on the Capital Audiofest 2014: The Voice That Is reaches for stars with TIDAL Audio, Bricasti and Aurender. This is what he had to say about the Preos Preamplifier "the transparency, the speed and the tonal accuracy ranks it as the very best I've yet to play with" gives the TIDAL Audio Preos his Editor's Choice. Says "The Best preamplifier I've heard!"

The North American debut of the Tidal Agoria SE speakers was at the 2014 Capital Audiofest (See the video here). Controlling the system was TIDAL Audio electronics featuring the Preos preamplifier and Impulse amplifier. Music was sourced by the Aurender W20 via the Bricasti M1 DAC. Supporting the system was the StillPoints ESS Grid Rack with Ultra SS Isolators. System cabling was a mix of the new Luminist Revision cables provided by Purist Audio Design. StillPoints Aperture panels managed the room acoustics and the Isolators and Aperture panels were on hand for inspection. See the AVShowrooms Walnut Room video here!

TVTI supported Bricasti Design at the Capital Audiofest where they showed the new M28 amplifiers and M1 DAC. Also on display was the TIDAL Piano Cera speakers. The system was cabled with Purist Audio Design's new Luminist Revision Cables. The room acoustics was managed by StillPoints Aperture panels. See the AVShowrooms Linden Room video here!

June 2014

TVTI received North America's first pair of TIDAL Agoria SE speakers. These sexy beauties, in the imitated but never duplicated, Midnight Black Piano lacquer finish, are ready to audition. AVShowrooms visited and created a video. See it here .

TVTI traveled to the TIDAL Audio factory in Cologne Germany to get a hands on look at the production of the new Contriva G2 speakers we have on order for our customers and for audition. During that time we were able to get an inside view of the Presencio LS and Preos-D preamplifiers. We posted a video in our gallery here. Check it out!

May 2014

TVTI flew to Munich Germany for the High End Show where the New Contriva G2 speakers, Presencio DAC and Contriva X-Tender was introduced. SoundStage Global says: "... The G2's reproduction of space was outstanding, with an ethereal quality that completely transformed the rectangular listening room. The sound was quick, perhaps a trait of the Accuton drivers, but there was also good weight in the bass -- something I've heard lacking from some designs that use Accutons, so Tidal must be doing something the others don't.". See the video here. reported on the show as well stating: "... These speakers were the most elegant ones of the entire show, and by a long margin." "...In house electronics included the new Presencio DAC preamplifier and two Impulse power amplifiers equipped with LPX active crossover modules for perfect phase and frequency response of the X-Tenders." Read the whole story here.

April 2014

The Bricasti Design room featured their M1 DAC and the new Model 28 Monoblock Amplifiers. Purist Audio Design's Luminist revision Corvus cables helped to pass the musical truth of these fine products through the TIDAL Piano Cera speakers. reports that the room was a best of show contender! wrote: "...This was one of my favorite rooms. I loved the Tidal Piano's last year and this year was no exception. This gear looks and sounds great. ... My own! gb's BEST OF AXPONA AWARDS 2014".


See the AVShowrooms report here!


March 2014

TIDAL Audio announces the new Contriva G2 speaker. The refined design of the new speakers feature technologies handled down from the fabulous Agoria Speaker. To further expand the speaker's capabilities, TIDAL created the Contriva Extender. Also announced is the new Presencio DAC. Both products will be debuted at the High End Show in Munich. And as highlight: the unique diamond-heart of the mighty LA ASSOLUTA, equipped with the biggest diamond drivers in the world.

TVTI will be there and our demo pair will be one of the first in the world.


January 2014

Aurender announces the new X100L and X100S digital music players at CES. The L and S designations are for long and short and describe the length of each case, which contain different sizes of hard drives. The L version can hold two 3TB SATA drives for a total capacity of 6TB, while the S version has space for a 1TB 2.5 inch drive or SSD. The L will retail for $3,499 with the S coming in at $2,999, both being released in February.


October 2013

TVTI provided speakers to two rooms at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver Colorado.

In Room 9017, with The Lotus Group and Audio Power Labs, the TIDAL Piano Diacera speakers were driven by the APL 50TNT mono amps. Controlled by the SMc VRE-1C Preamp and sourced by the Aurender W20 Reference Music Server and dCS Scarlatti stack, the sound was great. All connections were with Pranawire cables and the amazing StillPoints ESS provided support. Check out the video from AVShowrooms here.

The Absolute Sound / Jonathan Valin:
"Speaking of superb two-ways.... TIDAL's gorgeous two-way Piano Diacera floorstander....: The sound was truly gorgeous, with Saint-Saens' Danse Macabre simply phenomenal through the TIDALs and the Aurender/dCS source. This was another Best Sound of Show contender: extremely sweet string tone, superb depth and resolution, and fantastic bass for a two-way.

Best Sounding rooms "cost no object",
"....True to TIDAL's advertising, the coherence of these speakers is beyond reproach. It almost sound like a single driver, but better. The system had real purity of tones and an almost gilded loveliness to it. The decay of the piano on the Radka Toneff "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" cut seemed to go on forever. This was intoxicating sound."

Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile said " I thought the system wonderful at handling complex information, keeping everything clean, and controlling the bass - superb in fact".

In Room 412, with Bricasti Design, the TIDAL Piano Cera speakers, the Bricasti M1 DAC and the New Bricasti amplifiers was playing DSD files and featured a visit from Grammy award winning Studio engineer, Dave Reitzas who played his raw studio tracks through the system.

We were excited to partner with these two great companies and their products.

July 2013

TVTI exhibited at the 2013 Capital Audiofest - again in two rooms. For the first time on the East Coast, we showed the Flagship TIDAL Sunray Speakers in the Walnut Room sourced by the new Aurender W20, Bricasti M1 DAC, the TIDAL Preos Pre and stunning Impulse Amp. In our Chestnut room we played the Audio Power Labs 50TNT amps, Bricasti M1 DAC, McCormick SMc VRE-1c Preamp, and TIDAL Audio Contriva Diacera SE Speakers. Both rooms featured assorted Purist Audio Design Cables and the Stillpoints ESS rack, Ultra 5 and Ultra SS Isolators

Both rooms had fabulous sound and, based on the images taken by Scot Hull, they looked good too. Parttimeaudiophile commented that the Sunray "...
has the most detail and the most delicacy and air that I've heard coming out of a loudspeaker". See the complete write up on the Walnut Room here. His comments on our Chestnut room included "...this is the nicest finish I've ever seen, anywhere, on anything. It's astounding." Read those words here.

AVShowrooms did an excellent job producing great sounding videos of our rooms. Click here to see the Walnut and Chestnut Room Videos. TVTI is this years recipient of the Gold Show Award for Best Sound.

May 2013

TVTI takes the annual trip to Germany to attend the HIGH END SHOW in Munich. This year's highlight was the introduction of the TIDAL Impulse Monobloc amplifiers. At 450 Watts per channel, these new Reference amplifiers deliver all of the subtlety and impact in the music (excuse the pun to the past monoblocs).

On a return visit, Jonathan Valin listened to familiar cuts through the gorgeous Agoria SE speakers and reported "... superb on Keb Mo's voice with phenomenal guitar transients and color. The Agoria also now managed perhaps the best reproduction I heard of Rapsodie espagnole from The Reiner Sound, reproducing all its sweetness as well as its power and phenomenal inner detail. Best of Show: ...TIDAL Agoria SE / TIDAL Electronics system (on Day Three)."

March 2013

TVTI exhibited at the Axpona 2013 Show in Chicago on March 8 - 10th. On display were the TIDAL Piano Diacera speakers, Vitus Audio Reference RD-100 DAC and RS-100 Stereo Amplifier, Purist Audio Design Corvus cables, Aurender S10 and StillPoints Rack.

After setting up our room, we made our way down to the lobby for the vendor appreciation dinner where The Deep Blue Organ Trio entertained us. Two of the members come to our room for a listen on their break. See this link from Stereophile and an image in our gallery.

" the gorgeous two-and-a-half-way Piano Diaceras, with their black Accuton ceramic mid/woofs and black Accuton diamond tweeter, were downright breathtaking - incredibly high in resolution, incredibly subtle and powerful in dynamics (sensational on a cello and piano sonata), incredibly gorgeous in tone color, and very realistic. Though their three rivals were also outstanding (as were the Big Boys on the bottom floors), the TIDALs simply won my heart - and my Best of Show award." See this link. ~ Jonathan Valin


"....I'd have to say that the show's best sound was the room of retailer The Voice That Is. It featured the TIDAL Piano Diacera loudspeakers... The sound was texturally luscious yet resolved, expansive, and dynamic. Although not as "big" sounding as some of the mega systems in the large rooms, this system was extremely involving." See this link. ~ Robert Harley

Scot Hull, of, and now contributing for TAS, came by on the first day. See his words here.

Jason Serinus, of Stereophile, said we had excellent sound and an attractive display. See this link.

Dave Thomas, of StereoTimes, said... " The sound in this room was splendid. I stopped in this room more than any other over the course of the weekend and was always impressed. This system reproduced music with realistic musicality and rhythm." See the entire story here!

Gary Beard, of Positive Feedback Online, said " ... The TIDAL Speakers were very good."

January 2013

TVTI welcomes to it's product mix several exciting new products. First up the Ultimate USB cable by Purist Audio Design. Inserted between the Aurender S10 and the dCS Debussy, our testing has found this cable to provide a level of performance better than several others we've tried.

Next the wonderful Linebacker product by Pranawire. Inserting this product into our system reduced the noise floor allowing a deeper look into the music.

Last, but not least, we brought in a great little accessory in the Cable Elevators by CA Electronics. This classy looking ceramic product works and looks good doing it.


August 2012

TIDAL Audio is recognized and receives a great write up from using one of our Reference systems. "...The sound in this room, to me, was clearly the best at the show. It wasn't even close. Other rooms had different approaches, and featured different balances of the things I cherish. But for overall elegance, grace, charm and a natural effortlessness that is, literally, shocking when you first enter the room, this was it."
Read the entire story here!

The Aurender S10 music server received the Reviewer's Choice Award by SoundStage! HiFi. The Aurender S10 music server is the first music server to be named "Recommended Reference Component" by SoundStage! HiFi, the original online audio magazine.


July 2012

We exhibited at the Capital Audio Fest 2012 in Room 380 , July 13th through the 15th, showing the new TIDAL Impulse Amplifier, the WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Server, dCS Debussy DAC, TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE speakers, dCS Pucinni CD/SACD player, Pucinni U-clock with Argento Cables throughout the system.

Stereophile Editor John Atkinson says in his Capital Audio Fest - Day Two Early Afternoon report "... This is what I am talking about! No tweaks, no audiophile craziness, just the music, as big and deep and wide as the performers intended it to be." Read the complete story here.

In our second room, on display were the Audio Power Labs new 50TNT Monoblock amplifiers, TIDAL Piano Diacera Speakers, dCS Pucinni Player, Aurender S10, Bricasti M1 DAC, Purist Audio 25th Anniversary Cables and Purity Audio Design Silver Statement Preamp.

May 2012

TVTI travels to the High End Show 2012 in Munich Germany for TIDAL Audio's new product announcements.
In order for us to be fully aware of the capabilities of their new products, we are traveling to the High End Show in Munich Germany to personally experience the five new products being shown for the first time on May 3rd. Stay tuned for more news.

The TIDAL Agoria - TIDAL's statement in the full size class of reference speakers below the mighty TIDAL Sunray. With exclusive BCC drivers and the pure diamond tweeter, the Agoria has the most natural performance with nanodynamic resolution and very powerful headroom. It's performance is truly beyond words.

April 2012 visits TVTI
Confessionals of a Part Time Audiophile reports his visit in a fun and informative way. Read his report - 21st Century Audio Dealer: The Consultant and the Retailer : A Visit to The Voice That Is which was posted on April 9th.

Here's a few words from the report: "It's nice to know that the manufacturers that offer products in this class aren't just insane or trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Tidal, at least, obviously cares about everything. Every little bit or bob was thought about, and quality was always selected for. It's reassuring. It's comforting...
... Most impressive."

Read the entire report here:
Confessions of a part time Audiophile here!

March 2012

TIDAL Audio announces the new Prisma Preamp
This pre amplifier operates like it would not be in the chain at all. It must be heard and therefore they will launch it in Munich in 7 weeks.

TVTI Supports APL and TIDAL Audio at Axpona 2012
The Voice That Is worked with the great people of Audio Power Labs at the Axpona show in Jacksonville Florida March 9th through the 11th. On display were the TIDAL Contriva Diacera SE speakers driven by the beautiful 833TNT amplifiers. See what was written by Stereophile here and by Confessions of a part time Audiophile here

February 2012

Tidal Audio Premieres the new Impulse Power Amp

This is the first of five (5) new products for this year. TIDAL Audio is proud to introduce the all new TIDAL Impulse.

190 watts per channel, this black glossy power bloc looks, feels and acts much more "beefy" than the former Impact. If you liked the Impact, you will love the Impulse.

We are happy to say we are the first in the US to have this wonderful product available for audition. Read more ....


October 2011

TIDAL Audio exhibited at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Room 521 was manned by TVTI and, fellow dealer, Sphere Audio. wrote:

One of the Best Sounding rooms at this year's event goes to the TIDAL Piano Cera loudspeakers, Preos preamp and Impact amplifier.

Digital playback was by way of a dCS Puccini/UClock combo and the overall sonic effect was refined, smooth and ultra-musical. In a word: EASY.

I've grown a strong affection for these Piano Ceras over the years and now have a pair under review (stay tuned).
My time spent has only deepened my respect for TIDAL products and its designer Jorn Janczak. said:

Tidal was showing their budget speakers, the Tidal Piano Cera powered by Tidal solid-state electronics. Front end was a laptop computer playing into a dCS Paganini DAC.

I noted that the system was well composed on even the most complex and dynamic musical peaks. There was plenty of refinement too.

July 2011

TVTI exhibited at Capital Audiofest in July 2011 held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rockville Maryland. We showed the TIDAL Piano Diacera and Amea speakers, TIDAL Preos and Impact electronics, dCS Pucinni Player and Pucinni uclock front end including the new, and highly regarded, Debussy DAC. John Atkinson of Stereophile says... "It doesn't get much better than this!" (read it here).

April 2011

The TIDAL Piano Cera was chosen as "Product of the Year 2011" in the category 'loudspeaker' at the recent show in Moscow. Due to it's acoustical performance and it's outstanding overall quality the Piano Cera was chosen by eight independent magazines like the "Audio Magazine", "HiFi News" and "Audio-Video".

Starting now all TIDAL models come with the BCC-Drivers which are exclusively made for TIDAL by Thiel & Partner (Accuton). In addition, the models Piano Cera, Amea and Contriva are equipped with a graphite-ceramic tweeter. Also, exclusively made for TIDAL by Thiel & Partner (Accuton), the black coated drivers harmonize extraordinarily with our midnight black piano finish, as well as our veneer piano finish cabinets. But that is for us just a nice side effect and closes the circle to offer an outstanding product in Sound, Finish and Design.


October 2010

The Voice That Is joined TIDAL Audio in exhibiting at the RMAF in Denver Colorado. Jason Victor Serinus states, and we paraphrase, the TIDAL Piano Diacera touches my emotions. Here's what reviewers had to say about our room featuring the TIDAL Piano Diacera Speakers, TIDAL Preos and Impact Electronics; Argento Cables and dCS SACD/CD Player: "Some of my happiest sonic experiences at RMAF arrived in the last two rooms I visited: the Tidal Audio/Argento Audio Cables/dCS showcase put together by Doug White of The Voice That Is (Newtown Square, PA)... At the end of my time in the room, I wrote in my notebook, "Marvelous transparency. None of that gray 'whuh' sound that passes for a midrange...Tidal easily won my #3 Personal Best of the Show. I loved the sound. "

Jason Victor Serinus - Stereophile RMAF Show Report

My notes tell me that I was impressed by the system's clean highs and deep, well-controlled bass. The overall sound was marked by excellent three-dimensionality and spatial effects with outstanding transparency and image focus, but didn't have the transient speed of some other rooms.

Stephen Mejias - Stereophile RMAF 2010 Show Report

"I'd have to say the Argento Audio and Tidal Audio Room was my favorite, as I have been smitten with Tidal's loudspeakers."

RMAF in Denver Colorado

JUNE 2010

From October 15th through the 17th, we will be working with TIDAL Audio in the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO. On display will be TIDAL Piano Diacera Speakers, Preos preamplifier and Impact stereo amps, dCS Puccini and Argento Audio Cables. Come see us in Room 590.


March 2010

TVTI exhibited in the Axpona Audio Show in Jacksonville, Florida sponsored by Stereophile. On display were products from Tidal Audio, Vitus Audio, dCS and Argento Audio Cables. We were one of the first to be posted on Stereophile's Online Show Report as having some of the best sound at the show.

January 2010

Our Ephipany Stand Systems Celeste Reference Stand is awarded the Stereotimes Editor's Choice Award.