Billie Holiday

About Us - We are more than equipment sales.

The Voice That Is - established in 2007, is a boutique high-end audio dealer whose goal is to build musical audio systems by finding a component's voice and focusing on the importance of listening to music during the audition process.

We understand that there are a multitude of products for you to choose from. TVTI offers personalized service and have carefully selected those we believe are truly special and convey the sound of music.

Our respected clients are often knowledgeable and experienced in audio, beyond a simple interest in specifications. They usually desire a long term relationship with their equipment. More importantly our clients clearly understand the importance of purchasing components for the music they reproduce. TVTI joins them in their quest for total musical enjoyment by combining and arranging these component voices to bring their cherished music into harmony.

Every musical instrument, whether string, percussion or brass, has a natural and unique sound or "voice." Like those instruments, every audio component has a distinct voice of its own. With world-class products like TIDAL Audio speakers and electronics, the listening process is very easy. Give us a call - 610.359.0189 to obtain a different experience.

A Personal Message ~

I played a bit of piano in my younger days and later, drums. Having been reared in a house filled with classic jazz of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Lee Morgan and Cannonball Adderley, a band I later played with performed music of Jimi Hendrix, Mountain and Grand Funk. As the band became more proficient (and getting more gigs), contemporary music was added to our repertoire in the form of pop and R&B (while continuing to play jazz/rock and fusion for personal gratification).  Ultimately, I found my way back to my roots, listening to all forms of jazz, reggae as well as classical music. All this is to say that my musical tastes are far ranging, therefore my speakers, electronics, and cables must perform to a level of “correctness” to my ears to make my system their home.

Some designers aim at perfectly flat frequency response or strictly measurements; some aim at duplicating the feel of live acoustic music in a real space and measurements aren't everything. Neither school is necessarily absolute. My personal sonic taste is of the latter. I frequent live concerts regularly since I have friends who perform nationally and internationally. While this satisfies my suppressed need to play, more importantly it keeps me in touch with the reality of the live performance. When listening to the components we've chosen, you will notice incredible detail, transparency, and micro-dynamics, but in a form which is not artificial, tipped up, or in any way fatiguing.

I prefer natural tonality, not nasal, tinny, or too bright, with dimensional presence. Musical images should have realistic weight and body as opposed to flat and two-dimensional or bombastic and larger than life. There should be dynamic ease where the speakers should never sound constricted or congested no matter how loud or complex the music becomes. Micro dynamic nuances should come across clearly, giving expression to the music. I've chosen products that have the amazing ability to sound as powerful and dynamic as large-scale music requires while, at the same time, as subtle and full of finesse as small-scale music requires.

Your system should be emotionally involving. Listen for a sound so natural that you forget specs and are encompassed by the music. Isn’t this what it’s all about anyway?

Doug White

"Music is the most powerful language we have."