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"... I have nothing but praise. Seriously." ..."I'm still a little breathless, just thinking about how wonderfully lucky I was to have all this here to enjoy."

Scot Hul ~ parttimeaudiophile.com

TIDAL Presencio

TIDAL's advanced amplifier technology use only the very best hand selected parts.

"... They are exceptional in every way, and carry my very highest recommendation, with a great deal of enthusiasm."
~ Dr. David Robinson - Positive Feedback

TIDAL History

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TIDAL Presencio Reference Preamplifier

Preamplification beyond description. The Presencio is nothing less then an ultimate phono- and high level preamplifier for those who want to open the window between the source and the power amps wider then ever before, to find out what was recorded without any loss of detail or add of device colouration.

Three isolated true balanced phono inputs in an external deck do allow a free configuration for three different tonearms and cartridges and do offer nothing less then bringing the reference standard of our worldwide praised Preos to a whole new level of performance.

The Presencio is designed for nothing less to be compared with only one competitor: reality.

TIDAL Presencio Preamp

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TIDAL Prisma Reference Preamplifier

The all new TIDAL Prisma. It closes the gap between our classic, the TIDAL Preos, and our flagship, the mighty TIDAL Presencio. The intention was "How can we offer the performance of our extremely expensive Presencio for a much more affordable entry ticket?". So we redesigned the Powerdeck and the Linedeck of the flagship and designed it all for one cabinet as an internal dual stack design. Needless to say we are more than happy with the result and achieved our goal.

  • fully balanced minimal path topology dual mono preamplifier with fully regulated power supply
  • internal dual stack design
  • only 1 high precision resistor in assignability for level adjustment, controlled by an electronically and mechanically isolated motor-driven potentiometer and 256 relay, remote control for volume and intelligent soft mute
  • can be configured as 1:1 direct mode for an external surround processor or as classical high level input

TIDAL Prisma Preamplifier

TIDAL Prisma Preamplifier

TIDAL Preos-D Reference Phono / Line Level Preamplifier with Integrated DAC

Because of its infinitesimally fine resolving power, the Preos-D occupies a quite exceptional position among pre-amplifiers. Prepare for acoustic revelation, since the Preos-D is built to withdraw maximum information from any system's source. As applies to any TIDAL product, the entire wealth of technological details is only there to serve the musical purpose.

The fascinating sound that the Preos-D delivers and its build quality are hard to describe in mere words. We will have to do with the most simple comparison: think of the best line stage you have ever heard, then take it one step further. The Preos-D doesn't do anything but change the volume and select a source. A sonic fingerprint of its own is absent, any loss of fine detail as well.

The very heart of the Preos-D, however, is its extraordinary phono amplification circuit which is an integral part of the overall concept, built to do justice to reference status MC cartridges. The MC phono input is finely adjustable and is meant to be used with the best analog front-ends on the planet, nothing less.

The Preos-D has a perfectly integrated non-delta-sigma DAC.

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TIDAL Preos-D Preamplifier

The New TIDAL Camira Digital Music Converter

The Camira, TIDAL's top-of-the-line digital-Music-converter>


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The New TIDAL Assoluta Monobloc Amps

In a time where power amplifiers using more and more digital amplifier technology, power switching supplies and getting smaller than bigger, TIDAL releases a power amplifier which has dominant dimensions, a whopping weight and seems not to follow this trend. Why? There is only one answer we are interested in: performance, no matter what it takes.

-Tidal's proprietary linear power supply that accurately regulates the voltage and current with 330,000uF capacity per channel.
-Three Tidal's proprietary transformers with pure silver, surface polished hollow conductor winding. Each transformer is magnetically shielded and temperature controlled in a resonance damped cabinet.
-Cold welding on all termination for lowest resistance and stable contact area.
-No coupling capacitors in the signal path.
-Multi-layer PCB with 4 x 105 uF layers.
-Ultra-low impedance capacitors directly at the transistors
-Weight: 85kg
-Dimension: 60cm L x 44cm W x 32.5cm H
-Power: 360W/8ohm, 700W/4ohm, 1,200W/2ohm
-Bandwidth: More than 500,000Hz
-Distortions: 25W/4Ohm: Below 0.01%
-Distortions: -1dB below max power: below 0.08%

TIDAL Impulse Reference Monobloc amplifier

They drove their power amplifier technology to the limit and designed a fully controlled power supply single channel mono amplifier. New is the speaker control sound adjustment, where one can control by the way the damping and control of the speaker. As all our amps are designed for sheer stability aside of short term impulse power, this power amp can drive in reality the most critical speaker loads with extreme control, finesse and a complete abscent sound signature of its own.

The generous supply of additional power is merely a welcome by product. The real goal was the absolute relaxation with which the Impusle Monobloc performs, to the extent where any attempted description of sound attributes becomes meaningless. The Moniobloc is quite simply our benchmark with regard to amplification.


TIDAL Impact Mono Reference Amp

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TIDAL Impulse Reference Dual Mono amplifier

The all new TIDAL Impulse dual mono power amplifier. It is the successor of the TIDAL Impact, an amplifier positively spoken about since TIDAL launched it in 2003. It is using TIDAL's exclusive technology of the Impact Monobloc's with its fully regulated power supplies.

New features are an intelligent power on/off remote function for TIDAL pre amps and it also has the option to choose the original LPX as a fully autark mono-module internally for active bass-amping.

What it does:

Bass control, punch and precision is almost a different ball game and maybe the most obvious improvement when one hears it as first. It is more transparent, more "light as a feather", more "invisible", and sounds even more natural and relaxed with almost endlessly ease. A dream for those who are looking for an amp just delivering the mail, no changing it with losing or adding the original content as delivered from the pre amp.

Bandwidth, speed and control are out of this world. The Impulse has serious power:

2 x 190 watt at 8 ohms
2 x 360 watt at 4 ohms
2 x 680 watt at 2 ohms

This black glossy power bloc looks, feels and acts much more "beefy" than the former Impact, which after almost ten yours of unchanged production is a real classic. What can we say: when you liked the Impact already, you will love the Impulse.

TIDAL Impulse Amplifier

TIDAL Impulse Reference

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