Signal Projects Cables

Applied physics in audio connections.


Signal Projects Hydra

Golden Sequence

Based on a cost-no-object philosophy and aiming to create the optimum connection paths for the most demanding audio devices of the market, we developed our state-of-the-art series of cables, namely Golden Sequence. An extreme series for those who are seeking the ultimate performance from their precious reproduction components.

Signal Projects Golden Sequence Cable


Andromeda cables are made to meet the requirements of the finest electronic circuits of today. The impressively low LCR values, the sophisticated PSD shielding system and their unique grounding topology, form an outstanding signal path that will take audio reproduction to the next level.


Signal Projects Andromeda Cable


With a sole intention to assist audio devices and speakers to expand their response on the upper and lower ends of the frequency spectrum, and in the same time to maintain their tonal balance and to draw a more realistic soundstage... we created the brand new series of cables, namely Atlantis.


Signal Projects Atlantis Cable


Thanks to their improved geometry, their higher metal purity and the use of the high efficiency PSD system (Passive Shield Discharge System), Apollon cables create ideal signal paths, with even lower resistance, much better clarity and a remarkably balanced response across the full frequency range.

Signal Projects Apollon Cables

Hydra Reference

The conductors of Hydra series are based on our hybrid design philosophy, which in combination with our three-layer insulation and the advanced shielding, will provide significantly increased conductivity, superb balance beyond the limits of the audible frequencies and plenty of detail that will assist devices to describe the dimensions of the stage with higher accuracy.


Signal Projects Hydra