Billie Holiday

About Us

The Voice That Is - established in 2007, is a boutique high-end audio dealer whose goal is to build musical audio systems by finding a component's voice and focusing on the importance of listening to music during the audition process.

We understand that there are a multitude of products for you to choose from. TVTI offers personalized service and have carefully selected those we believe are truly special and convey the sound of music.

Our respected clients are often knowledgeable and experienced in audio, beyond a simple interest in specifications. They usually desire a long term relationship with their equipment. More importantly our clients clearly understand the importance of purchasing components for the music they reproduce. TVTI joins them in their quest for total musical enjoyment by combining and arranging these component voices to bring their cherished music into harmony.

Every musical instrument, whether string, percussion or brass, has a natural and unique sound or "voice." Like those instruments, every audio component has a distinct voice of its own. With world-class products like TIDAL Audio speakers and electronics, the listening process is very easy. Give us a call - 610.359.0189 to obtain a different experience.

The Voice That Is - "Conveying the Sound of Music through world-class components"

"Music is the most powerful language we have."